NewJeans’ Minji Will Skip This Year’s College Entrance Exam, Here Is Why

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Minji, a member of the girl group NewJeans, will not take the CSAT.

On November 9, NewJeans ‘ agency, ADOR, said, “NewJeans Minji is not taking the CSAT this year.”

Minji, who was born in 2004, is 18 years old and was a candidate for the 2023 College Scholastic Ability Test to be held on November 17. Minji is a senior in high school this year, but she decided not to take the CSAT and concentrate on her singing career for the time being.

NewJeans is a girl group consisting of teenagers. Among them, Minji is one of the oldest members of the group along with Hanni, a foreign member.

Earlier, NewJeans released their debut album “New Jeans” in August. At that time, NewJeans showed an unusual move by having three title songs.

Meanwhile, NewJeans’ songs, including “Attention,” “Hype Boy,” and “Cookie,” which are the title songs, all have performed well. In addition, they showed off their syndrome-like popularity by recording 310,000 copies in the first week (a week after its release).

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