FAQ About NewJeans: Answering The Web’s Most Searched Questions About The Monster Rookies


NewJeans are one of the biggest monster rookies of 2022, today, we’re here to answer the web’s biggest most asked questions about NewJeans.

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Related: FAQ About NewJeans: Answering The Web’s Most Searched Questions About The Monster Rookies

The members of NewJeans are Hani, Danielle, Minji, Haerin, and Hyein.

NewJeans is known for their energetic and upbeat pop and hip hop-influenced sound.

Some of NewJeans’ most popular songs include  “Hype Boy,” “Cookie” and “Attention”

NewJeans has won many major awards including the following:

  1. Top 10 artist and Best New Artist at the 2022 MMA
  2. Next leader award at the 2022 The Fact Music Awards,
  3. rookie of the year and Performance of the Year (Daesang) at the 2022 AAA

They’re one of the very few kpop groups to have won a grand prize [daesang] in the same year of their debut.

Yes, they do. NewJeans’ official fan club is called bunnies

Some fun facts about NewJeans include:

  1. they’re one of the biggest success stories of a rookie girl group in recent memory, their agency CEO also decided not to go the traditional route and drop teasers ahead of debut, they dropped their debut tracks out of the blue.
  2. NewJeans is The Fastest Girl Group To Win A Daesang After Debut, it took them only 134 days.
  3. NewJeans was Named The Biggest Rookie Group Of 2022 By Survey From 33 Industry Officials From The Biggest Kpop Agencies

  4. They were named among NPR Music “Best Songs of 2022” list.

According to fans and those who have met the members of NewJeans, they are known for being friendly, sincere, and down-to-earth.

NewJeans has a range of official merchandise available, including t-shirts, hoodies, hats, and other accessories you can buy from their Weverse shop at this link.

There are many ways to support NewJeans, including purchasing their music, streaming their songs online, attending their concerts and fan events, and spreading the word about the group to others.

NewJeans has official accounts on a variety of social media platforms, including Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok. the links are below!

NewJeans Official Instagram▶ https://www.instagram.com/newjeans_of…

NewJeans Official Twitter▶ https://twitter.com/NewJeans_ADOR/

NewJeans Official TikTok▶ https://www.tiktok.com/@newjeans_offi…

NewJeans Official JAPAN Twitter▶ https://twitter.com/@NewJeans_jp

The members of NewJeans enjoy a range of hobbies and interests, including music, sports, and art. Minji’s hobby is reading and decorating her diary. Hani likes watching movies so much that she watches at least one movie a week. Danielle likes drawing, painting, listening to music, and swimming. Haerin likes listening to music and reading. Hyein loves Harry Potter, a lot.

Information about NewJeans’ upcoming events and releases is typically announced through their official social media accounts and fan club. We also provide consistent news about the group you can always keep up from this link here.

NewJeans’ debut single was “Attention.”

NewJeans is signed to the record label ADOR, which is a subsidiary of HYBE, one of the big 4 agencies of kpop in South Korea.

NewJeans has cited a variety of artists as their musical influences, including Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, and Justin Bieber.

Yes, NewJeans has an official light stick that can be used at their concerts and fan events. On October 29 of 2022, NewJeans celebrated their 100th day since debut by revealing their fanclub name and light stick design.

The best way to stay updated on the latest news and updates about NewJeans is to follow our website at this here., its dedicated for their official news and announcements. You can also follow their official social media accounts and check their official website regularly.

no, NewJeans does not have an official color yet

Some members of NewJeans have participated in some solo activities or projects outside of the group, such as acting or hosting television shows. These opportunities are typically announced through the group’s official social media accounts and website. But the group has been mostly doing activities as one unit so far.

Each member of NewJeans is known for their talents and skills within the group, but they also have a range of hidden talents. For example, Danielle is known for his drawing skills and has created several pieces of artwork that he has shared on social media.

NewJeans has mentioned in interviews that they enjoy a variety of foods, including Korean and international cuisine. Some of their favorites include Korean fried chicken, sushi, and pizza.

NewJeans has stated that their long-term goal as a group is to continue growing and improving as artists, and to continue connecting with their fans through their music and performances.

It is not known if any of the members of NewJeans currently have pets.

The group name “NewJeans” was chosen as a representation of the group’s fresh and youthful image. The group’s name, NewJeans, is a double entendre. The group intends to carve a unique timeless image for themselves.

The members of NewJeans prioritize their physical and mental health by maintaining a balanced diet, exercising regularly, and taking breaks when needed.

NewJeans is known for their close friendship and strong bond as a group.

The oldest Newjeans member is Minji

The youngest Newjeans member is Hyein, she’s only 14 years old and born i n 2008. she is one of the youngest currently active kpop idols

From oldest to youngest:

  1. Minji : 18 years old

  2. Hanni: 18 years old

  3. Danielle: 17 years old

  4. Haerin: 16 years old

  5. Hyein:14 years old


Despite being the youngest in the group, Hyein is the tallest, she is 1.70 m (5’7″)

The shortest member is Hanni, she is 1.62 m (5’4″)

Minji is ESTJ: Extroverted, observant, thinking, judging

Hanni is INFP: Introverted, intuitive, feeling, prospecting

Danielle is either ENFP or ENFJ: Extroverted, intuitive, feeling, prospecting

Haerin is either ISTP or INTP: Introverted, observant, thinking, prospecting

Hyein is either INFP or ENFP: Introverted, intuitive, feeling, prospecting

Looking at various data across the web, member Haerin is the most popular among her members, but the rest of the members are also very popular.

NewJeans won their first music show trophy on August 18 at Mnet’s “M Countdown.” They debuted on August 1st, it took them merely 17 days to win their first music show award becoming one of the fastest groups to achieve this.

There isn’t much data available yet on when each member joined but, Minji trained for at least 4 years while Danielle trained for 2 years.

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