NewJeans’ Danielle Issues Apology After Referring To Lunar New Year As Chinese New Year

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NewJeans’ Danielle has issued an apology for what she recently posted to social media.

On January 19, she posted on the official SNS account of her group the following, “what r u bunnies doing for Chinese new year?” Some netizens took issue with the fact that she referred to Lunar New Year as the Chinese New Year. Two days later, the idol came back with an apology.

On January 21, she wrote,

“Hello, this is NewJeans’ Danielle.
On January 19th, Thursday, on social media account I posted a message that said “what r u bunnies doing for Chinese new year?” I realize now it was a mistake and I immediately deleted it but it had already been seen by many people and cannot be undone.
Because Lunar New Year is a holiday that is celebrated in many countries and regions, including South Korea, my expression was inappropriate and I deeply regret it. I also apologize to the fans and anyone who may have been disappointed or hurt by my actions.
I will not forget this incident and will strive to be more careful in my actions and expressions in the future.
Once again, I am sorry.”

What do you think of this?

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  1. You do not have to regret about anything. Just remember all the good stuffs you have done. You have been putting smiles on so many people these days and that’s what you are to be praised for.

    We are going to protect you girls at any cost.

    Happy New Year, New Jeans

    With trillions of love

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