NCT Haechan Pleads With Sasaengs To Stop Stalking Their Dorms During His Birthday Live Broadcast

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During a recent V Live broadcast, NCT’s Haechan opened up about his personal honest thoughts on sasaengs who continue to follow the members to their dorm.

He held the V Live on June 6 and chatted with his fans in celebration of his birthday, during the broadcast he brought up the issue with sasaengs and how much they’ve been affecting NCT members

Haechan said it’s something he wanted to say but only to few people (referring to sasaengs),

“No matter how you choose to express your love to us, we’ll gratefully accept it.

But there are some people waiting outside our form. It’s also the same issue for the NCT Dream dorm. It’s been causing us a lot of stress. Honestly, it’s hard to deal with.”

Haechan also explained that he knows saying this won’t deter those sasaengs from coming, he says, they’ve tried asking directly and indirectly and even sought help but the issue didn’t stop,

“Nothing has worked.”

He added,

“We just want to be able to rest in our dorm and do things like hanging out and eating together. It’s hard for us to do that when there are people who make us feel this uncomfortable.”

Haechan says it’s difficult for him to understand why these sasaengs keep invading their privacy like that if they like them so much; he also says that their neighbors have complained about this a lot to them,

“We can only apologize to them [referring to the neighbors].”

He also talked about how happy the members are to run into their fans coincidentally on the street and how they’re more than happy to greet those fans and sign autographs,

“But there are these stalking people go way beyond our limits.

I know they will come tomorrow, but I hope they know how shameless it is when they stalk us. We will do our best to avoid them.”

Haechan says he know that the number of sasaengs is so tiny in comparison to actual fans but he wants them to know that the members are stressing a lot because of their actions.

You can check out the v live where he talks about this here.

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