Nam Tae Hyun Talks About The Respect He Has For YG, Shares Story Of Meeting Up With Winner After A Long Time

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Nam Tae Hyun was a guest on Sports Interview to talk about his new band South Club song.

He talked about many things including YG himself, and Winner members and whats he’s up to recently.

He started off by saying that the people he respects the most are his mother and Yang Hyun Suk. He thanked the CEO for training him and taking him in and cheering him on  after he left.

He was asked about the time he saw CEO Yang Hyun Suk at a funeral to that he replied

”I hesitated a lot at first. I was quiet worried because I wasn’t sure if I should text him first, but I texted him first”.

He was talking about YG’s father’s funeral which took place not too long ago, he said that YG replied to him and thanked him for the text.

He also said that he ended up discreetly going there “to the funeral” where he met up with Winner and they hung out like they used to do. They had a meal and spent time together.

He also talked about how the Winner were family to him and how he will always keep them in his heart and will continue to interact with them.

You can check out his full interview below.

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