Malaysian Actress Criticizes BLACKPINK For Their Short Dresses At Recent Concert In Malaysia

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There has been an ongoing debate between BLINKs over something Malaysian Actress Abby Abadi said on social media.

On February 23 and 24, BLACKPINK held two concerts in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Fans had only positive things to say about the successful concert. However, a Malaysian actress who used to be part of the Malaysian girl group Elite had some harsh words to say about their concerts.

In a since-deleted Instagram post, she posted a video of BLACKPINK’s concert and wrote,

“Why doesn’t anyone have any objections about BLACKPINK? They just held a concert in Malaysia and their dresses are too short.

What can BLACKPINK do after all?”

She also made reference to Selena Gomez’s heavily opposed concert back in 2016 and compared the backlash that concert received opposed to BLACKPINK’s recent concert.

The post sparked huge debate between BLINKs, many fans in the Kpop community sent her angry messages that forced her to set her account private for a while.

Some called her old-fashioned, while others were more understanding of why she posted this message. Some BLINKs, on the other hand, weren’t happy because they fear her words might affect BLACKPINK’s upcoming promotions in Malaysia in the future.

The post has been deleted since then and she has set her account to public again.

What do you think of what she said?

My Thoughts

While I do understand where she is coming from, that was the wrong way to put it.

She’s a Muslim and their cultures differ from Korea, their traditions also differ. This means that some things that might be considered appropriate for Koreans are inappropriate in Islam or in Malaysia.

When you’re in a different country its best to respect their traditions, this is something I believe in.

For example, Koreans think it’s inappropriate to wear outfits that shows your breasts but encourage showing legs (weird, I know!), this is why people recommend you go crazy with your legs but stay modest with your top when in Korea.

Malaysia might have different traditions that are also weird to some. (I am not Malaysian but I am guessing based on my knowledge)

If you come at it from a different angle, you can understand that the way BLACKPINK dresses is not considered appropriate in Malaysian culture and traditions. Would it be best they don’t come to Malaysia at all? Or dress modestly when they do come?

I honestly don’t know the answer to that, its up to Malaysians to decide not me, I don’t live there.

Her point would have made a lot of more sense with the general public if she didn’t take a jab at the girls’ talent. She didn’t have to say “What can BLACKPINK do after all?” to get her point across. In fact by doing so, she just basically gave away her chance at being heard properly.

Whether you like BLACKPINK or not the girls are not just there sitting doing nothing, they’re dancing and entertaining people with their music, which is something. Of course, how each perceives it is different, we can’t deny the girls do something after all.

Whats your reaction to this article?


  1. Come on this need to stop why Indonesia didn’t open their mouth despite they have a huge muslims community as well. Plus everyone knows the Korean wears short dress or a shorts shirt which looks like a dress. Yes she do have but plus she is from the same industry which is entertainment most muslims will tell that she is not supposed to be an actress because she is a Muslim.
    For your information SM came to UAE a Muslim country and they never got any criticism at all yes they were wearing short dresses luna fx , red velvet ….etc
    People already knows Korean standards yes there is a limit for sure but since your own government knew it then that’s not a big of a deal as your government accepted it before coming to Malaysia.
    For UAE it was the fans who nagged on SM to come to UAE imagine they studied all about UAE and our culture to be respectful and humble plus they asked if they allowed to wear short dresses ,skirts andnshorts and UAE Fans and government told them yes because they know that’s their culture.

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