This Rookie Idol Just Unilaterally Announced His Exit From His Group & The Entertainment World, Agency Unable To Reach Him

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LIMITLESS’s Yoon Hee Seok says he’s done with the Kpop industry!

The shocking announcement came on May 24, Yoon Hee Seok took to his instagram to write to his fans about his wishes to no longer live ‘as LIMITLESS’s Yoon Hee Seok, but as the person Yoon Hee Seok.’

He says he knows this is surprising to his fans but he wanted to let them know,

“I am deeply sorry. I sincerely thank everyone who has sent me their love until now.”

He later deleted his instagram account.

Following his sudden announcement, his agency was contacted for a statement. On May 25, ONO Entertainment responded to the reports and they had the same reaction as everybody else. Apparently, the agency had no idea about Yoon Hee Seok’s plans, they explained that his contract wasn’t cancelled and that there were no issues with his contract either, and added,

“The group was supposed to be in the middle of Japanese promotions at this time, but due to the COVID-19 situation, the members are resting at their individual homes.”

ONO Entertainment says that Yoon Hee Seok posted about leaving the group on his own and hasn’t been responding to their attempts to contact him.

Yoon Hee Seok first appeared on TV as a Jellyfish Entertainment trainee on Mnet’s “Produce 101 Season 2,” he later left that agency and signed a contract with ONO Entertainment and later debuted as part of LIMITLESS in 2019.

Fans are deeply concerned about his well-being and wish for an update from him soon.

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