Lee Hyun Names Labelmate Suga As The Most Difficult BTS Member To Get Close To

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Singer Lee Hyun was a guest on February 7 broadcast of MBC FM4U radio show “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon.”

Lee Hyun was a guest on the show to promote his most recent title track “Not  Yet.”

During the broadcast, he talked about the song’s inception and how Bang Si Hyuk helped him out, he said,

“This track is a collaboration between me and Bang Si Hyuk. I was heading home after working on a track when Bang Si Hyuk sent me a video saying ‘this is a track I wrote for you, what do you think?’

In the video, he was playing the piano and singing the first verse of ‘Not Yet.’ The song itself was very touching and I also liked that it felt as if Bang Si Hyuk read my mind. This is why I agreed to work with him.”

He also talked about his friendship with BTS members, he and BTS are part of the same agency, Big Hit Entertainment. He revealed that he finds it not so easy to get close to some members.

He said,

“I am close with all of them. However, there are a couple of members who I find hard to approach. I personally find Suga harder to approach. Even though I have known him for a long time, its still difficult.

Ever since his trainee days, he’s always had sawg. He’s been a tough one since the start. to me, I see Suga more as an artist.”

Kim Shin Young revealed a kind story of her and Suga, she revealed that he invited her to BTS’s concert before, she said,

“He’s a sweet guy.”

To which Lee Hyun jokingly added,

“That’s why he’s called Suga.”

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