LE SSERAFIM Members Answer Reporters Questions About How It Felt To Make First Comeback Following Kim Garam’s Departure

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LE SSERAFIM members have expressed their feelings on the preparation of the new mini-album “ANTIFRAGILE” and answered some tough questions at the press conference held to commemorate the release of the album.

On October 17, at a showcase to commemorate the release of the second mini-album “ANTIFRAGILE” held at Yonsei University’s Centennial Memorial Hall in Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, at 1 p.m., LE SSERAFIM expressed their feelings about their comeback.

The members answered many questions and as expected, the press touched on the subject of Kim Garam’s sudden departure from the group. LE SSERAFIM seemed to waver after questions regarding former member Kim Garam. The group faced controversy after the allegations of school violence by member Kim Garam during her debut, in July, the departure of Kim Garam was announced. It was merely two months later after her debut, they reorganized into a five-member group, and started afresh.

In a question-and-answer session with reporters, the group members were asked this question, “It’s your first release since the reorganization of the five-member group, and how is it compared to the last album?”

Kim Chaewon replied,

For both our debut album and our second mini-album, we worked hard with the same mindset. We really devoted ourselves to the recording and practice time with the thought that the most important thing is to show good performance to the fans who loved us and waited for us.”

She avoided mentioning Kim Garam, even indirectly.

Since then, specific questions have been asked again, such as the impact of Kim Garam’s departure on the group, changes in work methods, and positive effects. Heo Yun Jin held the microphone and said,

We had a very busy schedule preparing for our debut album and we put all our efforts and time into preparing this album. I’m looking forward to the activities since we can continue the story in the future with “ANTIFRAGILE.” We want to show you a better appearance and better growth in the future.” 

This was an answer that had nothing to do with the question, the press noted.

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