Popular Actor Kwak Do Won Caught Drunk Driving, Agency Issues Apology, What Will Happen To His Upcoming Projects?

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Popular Actor Kwak Do Won has been booked for a DUI.

On September 25, the Jeju Seobu Police Station officially announced that the actor had been indicted for drunk driving after falling asleep in a stopped car in the middle of the road. The circumstances surrounding how police found him caused a huge backlash from netizens.

According to police reports, they had received a call that a car on the road was not moving early in the morning and when they arrived on the scene to check whats going on, the actor was found sleeping inside an SUV on a road in front of an elementary school at around 5 a.m.

Actor Kwak Do Won’s blood alcohol content was found to be at a level high enough for his driver’s license to be revoked (0.08 percent or higher). It was also reported that he acknowledged the fact that he had been drunk driving immediately and confessed that he drove about 10 km [or 6.2 miles] while drunk.

Kwak Do Won’s agency MADA Entertainment ended up issuing a formal apology stating how apologetic they feel for what had happened. They said, “both Kwak Do Won and our agency fully realize our responsibility.”

The agency also said they would be figuring out how to avoid inflicting damages on the many people they work with as fast as they can.

Korean media outlets say his drunk driving is causing a huge inconvenience to the industry. His upcoming movie “Fireman” is gearing up for its release and he’s also filming for an upcoming movie titled “Villains” which will also likely experience delays and issues due to his DUI.

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