Kang Daniel Issues An Apology For His Recent Remarks About “Street Woman Fighter”

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Kang Daniel has issued an apology after he was criticized by k-netizens for his remarks about hosting Mnet’s hit show “Street Woman Fighter.”

On July 20, Kang Daniel took to Instagram to release an apology, he wrote,

Hello, this is Kang Daniel.

First I wanted to apologize for the private messages shared on Universe.

While trying to say that I was nervous and anxious while hosting the show, I over-exaggerated those feelings and ended up creating an unnecessary misunderstanding for which I apologize.

My response while trying to calm-down the situation and avoid creating a “sexist” atmosphere was mishandled too.

To the fans who may have been hurt by the incident, I feel apologetic. Moving forward, I will be more careful with my words and demeanor.”

Kang Daniel

Recently, Kang Daniel came under fire for his remarks on the paid app UNIVERSE, a subscription-based app. He talked about the differences between filming with men and women on the show. He said,

“To be honest, it was so comfortable [working with the man version of the show] because they were all men. I am happy because I feel my energy doesn’t get sucked out of me/ I feel worn out. I was very scared in the beginning actually. But street woman fighter was scarier. I like ‘Street Men Fighter’ More.”

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