Kang Daniel Begs To Be Saved, Says He’s Really Tired, Exhausted And Having A Hard Time

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Kang Daniel fans are seriously worried about his well-being after reading his recent posts to his fan café.

He uploaded multiple posts and poured his heart out, he talked about how tired he feels about the false rumors and the hate comment he’s been receiving. The string of posts is very worrisome, fans are trying their best to reach out to him and assure him they’re always there for him.

Here is the translation of some of his posts:

Post title: Seriously, I am really..


“Its so tiring, It is really tiring.

How could it be this hard?

Its just too difficult

Someone, please save me.”

In another post he explains what he’s exactly talking about, he says everything he does becomes a mockery and how his fans are also getting hate for supporting him.

Post title: all of it/ everything


“The photos of me kneeling after Wanna One concert ended and the emotion I felt became a weapon to make fun of me.

How they edit everything to make me look bad

How the music and performances I love are being treated like trash

How the fans I love are being ridiculed

How my family is getting cursed out instead of me

How it suddenly became a sin if fans say they like me

Just everything is really too difficult

The fact that I am me is too difficult.”

In another post, he explains how he knows about everything that goes around him most likely referring to the rumors and malicious comments surrounding his name.

Post title: I knew all of it


“I know how everyone is cursing me out every single day

I know what words they use and the malicious comments they use to curse me out

I know how they use few words to judge my life

I know how I’ve lived my life

I have really been so patient, truly.

I am too tired now.”

In another post he talks about how afraid he’s become of what’ll happen the next day and what news reports will say about him.

Post title: Really I am


“It has come to the point where I am afraid of the sun rising tomorrow again

I am just afraid of any news reports with my name.”

In another post he also goes over how hard he’s been trying to endure false rumors and the hate he has suffered since Wanna One, he says that it’s an unjust situation and that he is really tired of time, he says he’s having a difficult time.

Kang Daniel has had a difficult year; he went through a lawsuit with his former company. He’s been dealing with hate comments since Produce series days and it had continued after Wanna One disbanded. He got massive hate for going through with the lawsuit against his former agency as well.

He also received many malicious comments when Dispatch reported on his dating news with TWICE Jihyo, he lost many fans who left his side after the news came out.

Throughout a good portion of 2019, he suffered from various unspeakable malicious rumors targeted to discredit him and paint him in a bad light. He was also recently criticized for winning 1st place on “The Show,” some netizens claim the show is rigged to give Kang Daniel the trophy.

After fans read those posts they became gravely concerned, they have been trending hashtags in English and Korean to show support.

Here are some of their tweets:

Please take care of yourself Kang Daniel; we’re all here for you.

What do you think of this situation?

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  1. We may npt be able to change the industry but this is grave
    This is our time to show TRUE support
    We need a collective action because these idols who work so hard to get where they are npw and who keep gaving their everything are being killed slowly, mentally
    If we had the ability to at least support Wohno,
    We cab do tge same for Daniel who delivered his heart with courage!!
    Let’s assemble and show our support, let’s be at least the image of a safe and confortable pillow for him!

  2. Brother Kang hold on to your fans! They love and cherish you, please get a comment filter if there is such a thing, hold to the love you feel for her, the world cannot condemn you. You are a power for the positive in our day and age, God bless Korea and You and your family this coming Christmas xxx❤️

  3. Hi Kang Daniel pliz continue to stay strong, be positive and know that there are people out there who care for you. Ignore those haters cos they just jealous of you. We are all unique in the eyes of God and he created us in our own special way. Thank you for being strong n humble n letting us know how you are doing. That’s the spirit. I love that so stay strong n positive n keep Fighting. You are SPECIAL. Believe it

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