JYP Changes ITZY’s Newest Album Cover For “CHECKMATE” Due To Fans’ Complaints About The Design

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ITZY’s newest album cover appears to have been changed due to fans’ complaints about the design.

ITZY’s newest album “CHECKMATE” cover had come under fire by some fans who alleged the design was ‘dark,’ ‘unimaginative,’ and ‘gloomy.’ In contrast to the fun colorful vibe of the concept photos, the “CHECKMATE” album cover had a dark aura with a single chess piece in the middle.

After fans’ requested from JYP to change the album cover art, it appears it has happened. Recently, fans noticed that the cover art changed as of July 22. The new album cover is much more vibrant and share a similar feel to the concept photos of the album.

Many fans seem to be happy with the change as they believe it now reflects the concept much better.

What do you think?

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