Jessi’s Hit Web Show “Showterview With Jessi” Is Over, Why?

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After 155 guests and a 2-year run, one of kpop’s most beloved web interview shows is coming to an end.

On April 29, “Showterview With Jessi” aired its 95th episode featuring PSY. Jessi interviewed her agency’s CEO. They discussed his comeback, the new music and much more. However, after the episode ended, the show dropped a bombshell revealing its coming to an end.

Jessi and co-host Jo Jung Shik both came together to deliver the news via a special segment. Jessi fought back tears multiple times while talking about the show coming to an end.

But why did “Showterview With Jessi” end?

Jo Jung Shik addresses the question head on early in the announcement, he says,

‘why some might ask ‘its going great why are you ending the show?’ there is a saying that goes ‘when there is a meeting, a parting is sure to follow.’

We came to the conclusion that it would be meaningful to say goodbye while we are receiving your love.”

Neither host elaborated more on why the show ended so suddenly other than what was said above.

Jessi expressed her love and gratitude to the show’s staff and talked about how sad she is to say goodbye.

In the parting segment, Jessi underwent the lie detector test again and when asked if she’d come back for a season two, she said,

“If the timing is right, I’m in, YES.

But… it maybe takes me some time…. Cuz I need some me-time before resuming…”

You can check out the last episode of “Showterview With Jessi” below!

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