ITZY’s Lia Is Not Participating In The Group’s Upcoming Album Or World Tour, She Pens Heartfelt Letter And Releases Gift Song To Fans

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ITZY’s Lia is halting her activities for the time being after getting diagnosed with anxiety disorder.

On November 17, JYP released the following statement to announce Lia’s hiatus, they wrote,

Hello, this is JYPE.
We would like to update you on the health condition of ITZY member Lia and her future activities.
Currently, Lia is experiencing symptoms of tension and anxiety during her schedules, and she has been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder through medical examination. She is currently focusing on her treatment.
After thorough discussions with Lia herself and the members, prioritizing her health recovery, we inform you that Lia will be unable to participate in the production of the new album and world tour scheduled for January 2024.
To console the disappointed fans, we have prepared Lia’s solo track ‘Blossom’ to be included in the album, and the lyrics video has been released today.
We kindly ask for your warm support and love from the fans. We will continue to make every effort to ensure Lia’s recovery.
Once again, we sincerely thank the fans who always cherish ITZY.

Previously, in September, Lia temporarily halted her activities due to extreme nervousness and anxiety, as advised by medical professionals who recommended stability and treatment.

Lia also wrote a personal letter to fans to address the situation,

Hello, MIDZY who I miss. I am Lia, and I am here to directly deliver news to the fans who are worried.
After much consideration and contemplation, I have decided that I will not be able to participate in the production of our new album and the world tour. Instead, I will focus on recovering my health.
For the fans who will be disappointed, I will release my solo track ‘Blossom’ along with a lyric video.
This is a song that contains my sincere feelings that I want to convey to the fans.
How have our MIDZY been? I am doing well in my own way.
I promise that I will return in a better condition, thanks to the support that MIDZY has given me during this time that we can’t be together.
Thank you for always believing and waiting.
November 17, 2023. Lia.

Listen to Lia’s new song Blossom below!

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