It’s Finally Here, Lady Gaga Drops “Sour Candy” Featuring BLACKPINK and Fans Are Losing Their Shit

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Its finally here and BLINKs have officially lost their minds!

Ahead of the album release, Lady Gaga dropped the highly anticipated collaboration track “Sour Candy” Featuring BLACKPINK.

The upbeat anthem is everything fans have ever wanted. They have been waiting for the collaboration to drop ever since Lady Gaga personally confirmed the collaboration back in early April.

There are speculations that “Sour Candy” will likely be the breakout hit that gives BLACKPINK their best US Billboard Hot 100 spot.

Fans are currently busy streaming, #SourCandy and #Chromatica have topped worldwide twitter trends.

You can check out the amazing track below:

Do you like the collaboration?

My Personal Thoughts

I highly doubt many would say this collab song is bad. Objectively speaking, out of the majority of kpop collabs with western artists, this feels the most synchronized and well put-together.

I think it’s because it’s mostly been either that Kpop idols were added as part of a remix or that the song was translated from Korean to English, but this one feels so coherent and nice. It was made with the intention of adding other voices to the song.

I am pleasantly surprised by it. I think it’s also because BLACKPINK is only four members so they’re a lot easier to incorporate into a song. The song doesn’t feel all over the place or cramped. It also doesn’t feel forced either. Their voices all mesh well together and I am glad Jennie and Lisa didn’t rap. However, the chorus was underwhelming, I expected it to go off, aside from that, the track is good.

I didn’t exactly have the highest expectations even though I am a huge lady gaga fan, and only a casual listener to BLACKPINK music. “Stupid Love” and “Rain On Me” ft. Ariana were so disappointing, I was shocked when I heard the songs and even more shocked that other fans loved the tracks when its nowhere near as half as good as her previous works.  

I’ve been listening to Gaga since I was a kid and I was afraid this album wasn’t going to be that good.

If both fandoms put their minds to it, I think “Sour Candy” can easily hit the top 10 on Billboard hot 100. It is radio-friendly and mostly in English.

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