Hong Jin Young To Return With New Music Following Her Self-Reflection Period Due To Her Plagiarism Controversy

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Hong Jin Young is preparing for a comeback following her plagiarism controversy.

The issue came to light back in November, Hong Jin Young was accused of plagiarizing her thesis, her thesis scored a reported 74% on the plagiarism review site “Copy Killer.” Her agency denied the news at the time and she came out with a statement denying it but stating she’ll ‘give up’ her thesis, she expressed her frustration talking about how hard she’s worked on the thesis and how she never faced any issues at the time until now when accusations have come out against her. Later in December, Hong Jin Young posted an apology to her Instagram account explaining why she lied about the whole situation.

On March 21, IMH Entertainment announced that the singer is now preparing to come back with a new song in April, she finished recording the song and is now filming the music video.

In the statement the agency released, Hong Jin Young again apologized for her mistakes and expressed her gratitude to all the fans who kept waiting for her to return.  

Hong Jin Yong’s new song will be released on April 6.

Are you excited about her comeback?

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