Goo Hara’s Boyfriend Revealed To Have Threatened To End Her Career By Revealing A Sex Tape

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Goo Hara’s case against her ex-boyfriend C has escalated into new heights after a shocking report revealed by Korean news outlet Dispatch.

Dispatch released a report on October 4, about Goo Hara’s struggles with C and how he tried to blackmail her by threatening to reveal their sex tape to the public and ruin her career on the night the altercation occurred.

The report has videos and photos, a video shows Goo Hara kneeling begging C not to reveal the videotape after he had sent her a message saying ‘I will ruin your career as a celebrity. I am sending a tip to Dispatch.’

C ended up doing so, he emailed Dispatch and asked they call him on his number for more information, he told them, ‘If you’re late I will give it to someone else.’

The report details incidents of confrontation and anger from C after Goo Hara had lunch with A, who is a man that works in the industry. She lied to C and told him she was only having lunch with her manager but C found out and his reaction to the incident wasn’t well.

On September 12, she went to his saloon to explain herself but he told her to just go.

He then threatened her with a 30-second clip of their sex tape on Kakaotalk. After watching the tape, Goo Hara decided to inform the previous CEO of her agency; she even knelt down in front of the elevator begging C around 2:21 a.m. that same day.

The moment was captured by the CCTV. She then chased him down the parking lot but he had already packed away his belongings. He then sent her another 8-second clip of their sex tape.

Goo Hara commented on that, she said that she discovered the video in his phone and erased it, she called the experience scary and had feared he already sent it to Dispatch. she said,

“Did he send it to his friends? what about my life? As a woman, life was… complicated.”

Then around 2:30 a.m. the day of the altercation, they messaged each other. C was angry and ended up telling her he will carry on and do this ‘own thing,’ and her roommate then called him to ask him about the tape, the roommate D told him he shouldn’t blackmail her with that video and photo.

Around 4:21 a.m. he sent another email to Dispatch telling them it wont disappoint them. Dispatch attempted to call him afterward but he didn’t respond.

Dispatch went on to explain that they had known about his attempts and threats but chose not to approach the situation and also added they were never planning on reporting the video as well.

Turns out Goo Hara tried to wrap up everything quietly because of that and tried to explain herself. Also, she admitted she caused him the facial injuries but denied getting consulted or diagnosed by her gynecologist saying she usually bled from her vagina.

She said that she didn’t want to argue anymore and that she thought it would be better to consult a lawyer. Goo Hara continues to acknowledge her mistakes and added that he blackmailed her with the video adding,

“I’ll receive my punishment but what about the wounds he gave me? He blackmailed me.”

On September 27, it was revealed that she sued him for coercion and blackmail as well as violation of the Act on Special Cases Concerning the Punishment (sexual violence crimes).

The video of Hara kneeling|:

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The video of the conversation roommate D had with C:

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