FTISLAND Lee Hongki Savage Clap Back At A Netizen That Called Idols Gay-Like, Earns Fans Respect

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FTISLAND Lee Hongki is known for being a savage in the industry, he took that savageness to a whole new level when a netizen took a jab at SF9 and the whole Kpop community.

On February 20, Lee Hongki posted a snapshot of his hoobae group SF9 upcoming release, he was showing his support for the group wishing them the best for their upcoming comeback. SF9 and FTISLAND are both part of FNC Entertainment.

One netizen left a comment on his post, the netizen wrote,

“Rainbow neon colored hair, gay-like expressions, acting cute, makeup= boy groups nowadays.”

Lee Hongki didn’t take kindly to the rude comment that ridicules SF9 and the entire Kpop community, he wrote back,

“Private account, anonymous, no confidence, complaints = attention whores including you.”

Kpop fans loved his response, its something that Kpop fans have to deal with usually because a lot of nonfans usually write similar comments aimed to degrade Kpop idols.

What do you think of his comment?

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  1. I think I’d like to know if any of the individuals leaving these types of comments can speak multiple languages, are in top physical condition, practice more than they sleep, live in the public eye nearly 24/7, handle extreme pressure, are healthy role models, sell out gigantic stadiums, dance, sing, and/or rap all at the same time, treat women like goddesses and be generally amazing human beings? No? Yeah, then they’re jealous, wish they could be 1/10th as badass as these artists are. When someone goes out of their way to disparage something, especially by likening it with what they see as weak or not manly enough, I think they want desperately to be the thing they’re criticizing.
    They’re jealous that women find K pop men attractive. So they think they can be seen as attractive, by bullying….tsk tsk boys. First rule. Don’t tell me what I should find attractive. Being a neanderthal doesn’t make you a man. Being beautiful to look at, taking care of yourself, being a good husband and father through emotion. Being able to laugh at yourself, while still being capable of droppin’ the bass….that is what I want in a man. So you can keep your neck beards, lack of fashion or care for your appearance, bad attitudes that generally include verbal disrespect for everyone around you, especially women and the playa behavior . I’ll take the pretty boy in the nice clothes and makeup who’ll open a door for me, pay for dinner AND not think that means he’s getting laid. The day that men, other than Koreans realize that y’all are lucky if a pretty girl even looks your way, doubly so if she lets you touch her and cease telling ME what I should find attractive, will be a good day. Oh, yeah, and I almost forgot the lying, cheating and shaming. My favorite is when a man tells a woman that her body is ruined after children……don’t even get me started on that. Wake up. Show respect for us as women. Stop thinking hyper masculinity is what we all want. I guarantee you, even a woman who thinks she does’ll change her tune if she gets to experience being treated well, cherished and appreciated.

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