“Nothing Uncovered” Ending Explained- Finale Recap

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“Nothing Uncovered” concluded its run a couple of hours ago, here is the recap of its 16th episode!

“Nothing Uncovered” episode 16 recap

The episode begins with Woo-Jae calling Tae-Heon asking him to attend an award ceremony he’d be at to witness his acceptance speech, he obliges.

At the ceremony, Woo-Jae admits to being a murderer on live TV and as reporters are gathered, he says he killed a person in a hit-and-run and his father hid the body and buried it. He also threatened his son with his rifle at the time of the incident.

Seol Pan-Ho leaves the event annoyed and embarrassed and denies answering reporters questions. Tae-Heon arrests Woo-Jae on the spot.

At questioning, Woo-Jae is asked if he regrets it and he honestly says he does. He has no lawyer by his side and submits evidence. The glass shard from his car when he hit that person, it has the DNA, and both his father and Mo Hyung-Taek’s fingerprints.

Mo Hyung-Taek becomes anxious and is on a call with Woo-Jae’s father. He asks if he’ll pin the blame on his son or not and Seol Pan-Ho is not thrilled to hear this.

He’s then confronted by Jung-Won who says she’ll expose him and what he’s done.

On the next day, she meets with Tae-Heon and hands in voice recording of Woo-Jae talking to his father about the secretary turning himself to police and taking the blame for her father’s murder, he was murdered because he saw what Woo-Jae did.

She also meets with Woo-Jae who tells her she should take the footage of the incident and the recording public to her program and that she should not feel sorry about it. She shows it to her peers who are stunned but after a meeting with the CEO, the CEO agrees to get it done. The CEO knows Mo Hyung-Taek but ignores his calls once the broadcast airs.

After the arrest warrant for Woo-Jae is approved, he’s escorted and can see his wife reported on it. He’s also decided to divorce her and had told her about the papers they should sign.

Seol Pan-Ho attends questioning as a witness amid media frenzy and Mo Hyung-Taek is exposed via TV about his corruption and for meddling with that fire that happened in Mueon City.

at prison, Jung-Won visits Woo Jae and he apologizes for breaking her wings, but she then says she doesn’t regret marrying him and will always have a connection with him through their child.

She also ends up moving out of Seoul and goes on a final date with Tae-Heon to break up with him. She explains how they cannot be together after all that happened and its right they end it, they hug each other and cry as Tae-Heon begs her to stay.

3 years later

Jung-Won is still working as a reporter in Jeju busting crimes and also raises her daughter alone. Seol Pan-Ho is acquitted of aiding in his son’s crime as no concrete evidence was found.

at prison, Woo-Jae writes to his father about his daughter and how he’ll never give up asking him to repent and admit his crimes. Jung-Won is in Seoul so he could see his daughter.

She then meets with Kang In-Han who has been promoted to a director and suggests she puts back her show on and she says she’ll think of it.

At night, she goes to Tae-Heon’s police station and reads the messages he’s been sending her for the past three years. She also misses him but leaves.

She decides to go back to her show and she’s having a meeting with her team and they’re discussing random attacks and she hears in Tae-Heon’s precent someone was badly injured so she rushes to the hospital. There, she sees him and he explains it’s a false report and he’s fine but he injured his leg.

She cries and he helps her wipe her tears. the two then go on a walk together and she aids him. He then asks, ‘don’t you think things will work out between us?’ she nods her heads and smiles. the two continue walking.

the end.

“Nothing Uncovered” ending explained

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