FTISLAND Lee HongKi Assures Fans He Hasn’t Changed After Choi Jong Hoon’s Departure

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FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki had a couple of thoughts to share with his fans following all the recent developments with former FTISLAND leader Choi Jong Hoon.

A couple of days ago, FNC Entertainment announced in an official statement that Choi Jong Hoon has left the band and retired from the industry following shocking reports that linked him to Jung Joon Young and the hidden spycams chatroom.

He was also suspected to have enlisted the help of police to hide his DUI incident back in 2016. He was recently announced a suspect in the ongoing investigation around the serious accusations against him.

Ahead of FNC Entertainment announcement a couple of days ago, one fan asked Lee HongKi not to give up on Choi Jong Hoon, the singer answered with ‘I’ve given up.’

For the first time since the entire ordeal came to light, Lee HongKi spoke to fans and assured them the band will continue. He held a solo fan meeting in Hong Kong on March 17 and during a talk session he shared his thoughts.

He said,

“A lot of things happened recently, but I want to say that I haven’t changed. I want to still communicate with you through my music.”

He also says the performances with the band will be slightly different in the future but still remain fun,

“I know everyone is worried but there are going to be more FTISLAND performances in the future, so don’t worry. You have to promise me that.”

He also shared that the band was supposed to come to Hong Kong and hold a concert but it had been canceled.

Fans continue to shower him with praise for standing up for what’s right. Many expressed their deep concerns for the band future and are happy it won’t be ruined because of one man’s actions.

Choi Jong Hoon continues to receive heavy criticism for the ongoing investigation against him and the reports that come out daily about him.

Glad to find out that FTISLAND will still be here!

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