fromis_9 Joins PLEDIS Entertainment Artists Lineup, To Be Managed By The Agency From Now On

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fromis_9 will be managed by PLEDIS Entertainment from now on.

The surprising announcement came on August 16, PLEDIS Entertainment released an official statement to announce that they will be taking charge of fromis_9’s management from now on. They will manage the group fromis_9 members Lee Saerom, Song Hayoung, Jang Gyuri, Park Jiwon, Roh Jisun, Lee Seoyeon, Lee Chaeyoung, Lee Nagyung, And Baek Jiheon.

The reason?

PLEDIS sites OFF THE RECORD ENTERTAINMENT reorganization as the reason, the agency used to manage the group. After various discussions, they agreed to transfer the management of fromis_9 to PLEDIS Entertainment.

As a result, fromis_9 will continue their activities as part of PLEDIS Entertainment.

Read their statement down below:

“Hello. This is PLEDIS Entertainment.

We would like to announce that as of Monday, August 16, PLEDIS Entertainment will serve as the management company for the group fromis_9 (members LEE SAEROM, SONG HAYOUNG, JANG GYURI, PARK JIWON, ROH JISUN, LEE SEOYEON, LEE CHAEYOUNG, LEE NAGYUNG, and BAEK JIHEON).

As part of the label reorganization of OFF THE RECORD ENTERTAINMENT, which had previously managed fromis_9, the company, artists and PLEDIS Entertainment engaged in a thorough discussion of the group’s future path and potential for further growth, and the decision was made to transfer the management of fromis_9 to PLEDIS Entertainment.

fromis_9 will thus continue their activities as part of our company, which has been behind the production of the group’s music from their debut album to their latest creations.

We are extremely pleased to have the opportunity to be a part of fromis_9. We will spare no effort to ensure that fromis_9 can continue to thrive in all their diverse activities and achieve their next level of growth as artists. 
We ask that you continue to keep your eyes on fromis_9 and show them your support as they begin the next stage of their adventure with PLEDIS Entertainment.

Thank you.”

What do you think of this?

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