French Photographer Accuses BTS Of Plagiarizing Artwork, Big Hit Entertainment Issues A Response

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On February 25, one media outlet reported that French Photographer Bernard Faucon claims that BTS has copied his concept photos for their MV “Blood, Sweat, & Tears” as well as “Young Forever.”

He claims that the works copied were of his work “Les Grandes Vacances,” he claims BTS got the ideas from his photography project “The Most Beautiful Day of My Youth.”

The photographer states that the outfits displayed, the background imagery and other elements are close or similar to his. He even claims that the album title was inspired by his filming project titled “The Most Beautiful Day of My Youth” which took place in 25 countries from 1997 to 2003.

He had submitted two claims to Big Hit Entertainment in August and September of 2018, he had demanded an apology and compensation from the agency. However, Big Hit refused to accept the claims and stated the photos and clips weren’t similar to any of his works. Their argument is that the imagery he talks about are commonly used in films and aren’t subject to legal protection.

Despite the agency’s rebuttal, the photographer sent a handwritten letter in October of 2018 asking them to credit his work as being the inspiration behind their work.

In response to the news that recently surfaced, Big Hit issued a statement similar to what they had told the photographer, they told news outlets,

“Upon checking the press today, we gave our opinion that the claims of similarities allegations raised by a gallery last September are not valid.”

The photographer told media outlet Hankyoreh that he likes BTS and didn’t consider taking any legal action against them; however, he wishes they publicly say where they got their ideas from.

Bernard Faucon plans on holding a press conference in April to issue a statement regarding BTS.

Check out the photos below, do you think the photographer has a point?

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My Thoughts


I can’t say he’s fully right or wrong here since I am not a lawyer specialized in Plagiarism but I can use common sense here.

I am not the biggest BTS fan and not an ARMY, I am critical of every idol whether I like them or not and I am not saying what I am about to say because I like or dislike BTS.

The concept of men/boys in outdoor nature brings out the same ideas, campfire, hanging out and posing in a wooded area, I see nothing special here.

The dining scene reminded me of Alice in Wonderland when I first saw the video but we don’t see Disney trying to sue Big Hit, now do we?

There is nothing distinctly similar in my opinion so much so that it’s to the level he’s talking about. I do see similarities, I am not going to lie, but that has to do with the feel and concept itself. And as I said, the concept is nothing special; a lot of people have done similar things to this before BTS or him.

If he consulted his lawyers and he believes its copying or Plagiarism then he should sue not talk to media outlets. I don’t understand the logic behind sending two notices then a handwritten letter asking them to credit him.

If he asked the first time nicely and they said no and he’s sure they’re in the wrong legally, he should have sued not kept sending notices and letters.

The timing of this thing is also weird. Its like he asked last year in October, why is the issue being brought up now? Just when TXT is about to debut? I find it pretty weird, too weird to be a coincidence.

Bottom line is we are not lawyers so we don’t get to decide for sure but I believe Big Hit did consult their lawyers ahead of telling him what they told him and repeating it to the press.

Big Hit are very careful and rarely try to involve themselves in unnecessary conflict, at least this is how they strike me. They carry BTS and are now focusing on TXT as well, I don’t think they wouldn’t have settled if they thought it could bring them trouble down the line.

Whats your reaction to this article?

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