“Forecasting Love And Weather” Episode 1 And 2 Review- Can Park Min Young And Song Kang Save This Time Slot?

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Forecasting Love and Weather” is finally out after months of teasing, but how well did the premiere turn out to be, let us discuss.

“Forecasting Love and Weather” takes over the very controversial JTBC time slot previously occupied by “Snowdrop” which ended two weeks ago.

Damn, time flies by so fast its scary.

“Forecasting Love and Weather” boasts popular actors in the lead and the story has enough familiarity to entice the audience, so how was the premiere?

Quite nice, actually.

Note: this will be a spoiler review of the said episodes in the title. This is a subjective review.

Lets talk about it.

I didn’t walk into “Forecasting Love and Weather” with high expectations, I saw the plot outline and thought it was average in terms of the core story but in terms of the setting, it was special, but is it special enough to warrant 16 episodes? That remains to be seen.

I must say, the premiere episodes set up the environment well for me. I didn’t know so much work goes into forecasting weather since where I am from they’re wrong many times but it was never something I paid much attention to, I think this differs if you come from a place that is prone to hurricanes, earthquakes and extreme weather conditions or fluctuations. I also must say this, the amount of attention to details to showcase just how hard different government agencies work together in preparation for disasters caused by natural causes was sooo nice to see. I was blown away by one sequence showcasing that, that was cool.

The second episode was definitely more engaging than the first one, and that ending scene was a surprisingly nice touch, the fact that they slept together kinda makes sense. I can’t wait to see how they handle it considering their history.

It will also be interesting to see if they can make the weather topic compelling and engaging enough to last 16 episodes. Will it be a repetitive cycle of things that similarly happened in episode 1 or 2? I don’t know but I don’t have the highest expectations that it’ll shock me. I would love to be proven wrong but the topic the drama is based on, aside from the romance, isn’t something I would assume needs 16 episodes.

The 16-episode format is a bit too much for me to handle these days since I don’t believe most kdramas need to be this long to tell their stories and with such a decisive topic in term of interest, I wonder whether it’ll be different.

Min Young unnie has been away for almost two years, she always comes back with a project yearly but this time took two years off before greeting us with a project. She always struck me as the type of actress that takes on safe and friendly projects. I don’t recall a time she ever surprised me.

She’s a good actress but I wish to see her challenge herself with something out of her comfort zone soon. This is her 3rd office romance drama and her character this time also resembles characters she’s played in the past, I can’t even tell them apart at this point, the only slight difference this time is the fact that she’s not portrayed as ‘likeable’ yet.

Song Kang is back again, the dude is working thrice as hard as his peers in terms of consistently signing on projects, and it shows. His performance thus far is okay, there has been a huge debate about his acting a couple of months back and understandably so.

I sense he feels a bit more comfortable on the set, so far. I don’t know if my opinion will change as we move forward so don’t quote me on that. I also think his performance varies greatly depending on the type of director working with him. However, there are scenes of him in the premiere episodes that were cringy, sometimes, it feels as if he’s smiling a bit too much that its making me uncomfortable, I think he’s doing that to highlight the young character he’s playing and how ‘innocent’ and lively he is, but it doesn’t feel he’s going about it the right way.

I am curious to see why Min Young unnie chose this drama and in the case of Kang, I think he’s diversifying his filmography to the max. He’s always playing ‘different’ characters with vastly different settings.

Yoon Park is playing the cheater role, again and so is Yuna. Both are talented and specifically Yoon Park who seems to be stuck in a repetitive cycle of being type-cast. When will he ever escape this?

For the premiere, I think it was good. It didn’t blow me away or steer me away either. I think if you’re not particularly a fan of anyone in this project or care enough about the subject, you might not be interested to watch next week’s episodes. The screenwriter didn’t give enough attention to establishing a connection between the characters and us, the viewers, yet. I look forward to see if that changes in the coming weeks.

I think this drama will rely heavily on the star power and the romance and potential chemistry between Kang and Min Young.

Both actors had previously exhibited amazing chemistry with different co-stars and I think if they don’t end up having good chemistry it’ll affect the drama’s performance especially when it inevitably slows down towards the second half.

The drama is also written by a screenwriter named Sun Young, she has no other credits to her name but a drama special that came out in 2012. I am so curious as to why such big stars chose a drama by an unknown screenwriter, not to say rookie screenwriters are bad, because they’re not, but you wouldn’t expect a screenwriter who has almost no other credits to her name to be able to snag two of the hottest stars in kdramaland now, so there is good hope that it might be unexpectedly good.

Lastly, for the record, JTBC has struggled in 2021. The broadcasting station hasn’t been able to put out any noteworthy drama in 2021 and what was expected to be a massive hit, “Snowdrop,” became extremely controversial. I am curious to see if Min young and Kang can save this time slot that has been struggling for a while now. The 1st episode got 4.5% which is honestly great for a start.

Wishing the best for “Forecasting Love and Weather” team!

What did you think of the premiere episodes?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. Ok, so Park Min Young is one of my fav actresses when I want to have a nice, relaxing evening with a glass of red wine and a piece of dark (at least 70% of cacao)) chocolate. In my eyes she has the highest re-watch value. It means that when there is nothing new I want to currently watch – I rewatch the dramas with Park Min Young. Of course it is always in the same vein so to speak, she is always playing the same type of character, but she is always good and interesting to watch and it makes me happy and I thank her for that. Here, the story is much more trivial, than, let’s say in 21-25 currently airing at the same time slot, and the beginning reminded me a lot of Search:WWW – she is older, they drink in the restaurant and then end up in a bed. But I founded them very cute at the end of the 2nd episode and let’ see how it goes from there. There is a risk it will become stagnant and boring, we will be bouncing between these two couples a lot I fear, because we already know them and I do not think they will bring in another element to disturb this status quo (like to provoke the jealousy or smth), but… I am not giving up yet. Park Min Young – hwaiting (화이팅)!!!! because I just bought another bottle of red )))

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