EXO Suho Shocks Fans With His Military Enlistment Announcement, He’s Leaving Next Week

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The third EXO member to enlist is Suho!

On May 4, EXO Suho took to his group’s official online fan community on Lysn to deliver the news through a handwritten letter, his announcement reads as follows:

“Hello, our EXO-L. This is Suho.

I am writing this letter today because there is something I need to tell to all of you.

On May 14, I will be enlisting in the military to carry out my duties. I think I will really miss our dear fans during that time.

I hope our EXO-L, who think of me and love me every day will always be healthy. I sincerely thank you all and love you.

We are one, EXO. Let’s love.”

Later, a source from SM Entertainment confirmed the news but declined to comment on the location or time of his enlistment.

This makes Suho the third member of EXO to enlist following Xiumin and D.O, he was born in 1991. Other EXO members Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Chen are also supposed to enlist in 2020 due to Korean military laws.

Wishing Suho a safe service!

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