Despite His Ongoing Sexual Assault Case And His Recent Admission, Himchan Is Going On A Fan Meeting Tour In Japan

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Former B.A.P Member Himchan has shocked fans with his actions.

Back in May, it was reported that Himchan was been accused of sexually assaulting two women. This is unrelated to the court case of the sexual assault trial he’s currently appealing, the one where he admitted to sexual assault four years after continuous denial.  Himchan’s lawyer refuted the allegations and said that while there was physical contact, the nature of it wasn’t sexual. He’s gained a lot of attention after that report was released and despite that, he’s set to tour Japan soon while he has an ongoing case related to sexual assault.

Himchan will be holding 16 fan events in Tokyo from July 12 to 24. He’ll be performing twice a day and a live stream can be viewed by international fans.

The idol is gaining a lot of backlash for pushing ahead with activities despite his ongoing court cases.

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