Former B.A.P Member Himchan Admits To Sexual Assault At Appeal Trial Despite Denial For Four Years

Former B.A.P Member Himchan has admitted to the charge of sexual assault.

In the trial held on April 12 at the Seoul Central District Court in Seocho-gu, Seoul, Himchan personally acknowledged his crimes saying, ‘I acknowledge all the charges,’ in an odd move after repeatedly claiming innocence and denying the charges for the period of the trial when the news first came out four years ago.

Previously, the court sentenced Himchan to 10 months in prison in February of 2021. He was charged and convicted of committing an indecent act by compulsion against a woman in her twenties in July of 2018. He was ordered to complete 40 hours of a sexual violence treatment program. In March 2021, he filed for an appeal.

This has shocked fans because he was the one who filed an appeal trial, they didn’t anticipate he would be admitting to the charges filed against him in his own appeal trial.

Himchan is also reported to have submitted a written letter of self-reflection. If the appeal is dismissed, he likely won’t be able to escape court arrest.

The victim said Himchan forcibly molested her, Himchan had previously denied her accusation and said there was implied consent.

In June of 2021, Himchan reportedly attempted suicide after posting a lengthy apology letter reflecting on his past wrongdoings in regards to his sexual assault charges and DUI.

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