DAWN Joins GroovyRoom’s Label AT AREA

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DAWN has signed a contract with AT AREA.

On January 30th, the label AT AREA, founded by the music producer GroovyRoom, announced through their official SNS account that they officially signed an exclusive contract with DAWN.

Through AT AREA, GroovyRoom said, “We are happy to introduce DAWN as the first new member of the family in 2023. We will support you.”

DAWN also said, “I’m excited to be with GroovyRoom and AT AREA. It’s reassuring that they created a deep consensus in the direction of my future career as an artist. I want to expand my music activities to my heart’s content, and please look forward to the music that will be released in the future.”

Previously, DAWN received a lot of attention when he wrote ‘New place, New Music Coming soon’ on Instagram along with photos with unusual visuals and vibes. As it turns out that ‘New Place’ is the AT AREA of ​​GroovyRoom, expectations are high for ‘New music’.

Currently, AT AREA has R&B artist Gemini and rapper Mirani under the direction of GroovyRoom. While showing growth by rapidly building a specialized music production infrastructure with the best domestic and foreign staff, more active synergy is expected as the artist lineup and musical spectrum expands with DAWN’s joining.

DAWN, who debuted as a member of the group Pentagon in 2016, has released a number of songs such as ‘MONEY’, ‘DAWNDIDIDAWN’, ‘1+1=1’, and ‘Stupid Cool’, demonstrating his ability to write lyrics, compose and produce, and is recognized for his talent as an artist. 

On the other hand, GroovyRoom announced, “The company name ‘AREA’ that was used previously has been changed to ‘AT AREA’.”


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