DAWN Reportedly Joins Groovyroom’s New label AREA After Departing P-Nation

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Singer DAWN has reportedly signed an exclusive contract with Groovyroom’s label AREA.

According to News 1 on January 27, DAWN recently signed an exclusive contract with the label AREA established by the production team Groovyroom.

DAWN joined label AREA and is currently working on a new song. Expectations are high for DAWN’s new music to be presented under a new agency.

On January 26, DAWN shared a new profile picture on his Instagram, saying, “New place, new music coming soon,” hinting at his comeback soon.

DAWN departed P-Nation in August last year due to the expiration of his exclusive contract.

Meanwhile, Groovyroom’s label AREA is home to rapper Mirani and singer GEMINI.

Are you excited for his comeback after moving to new agency?

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