Dancer NO:ZE Files A Lawsuit Against Her Agency + Applies For Injunction To Suspend The Contract

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Dancer NO:ZE, who rose to stardom through “Street Woman Fighter”, is in dispute with her agency. 

She took issue with the fact that she did not receive the settlement money from her agency on time, and her agency’s position was that they paid her settlement money after resolving the power abuse controversy that arose last year.

According to the legal community on March 9th, NO:ZE filed a lawsuit against her agency, Starting House, at the Seoul Central District Court in December of last year to confirm the non-existence of her debt. She also applied for a provisional injunction to suspend the exclusive contract with her agency until the conclusion of this lawsuit.

NO:ZE’s side claims that since April of last year, she has not received settlement money from her agency for several months. According to NO:ZE, she asked her agency for payment several times, but her agency explicitly refused her payment, saying, “After discussing her activities, we will settle the money and deposit it.” In November of the same year, when NO:ZE notified the termination of her contract, she said that the agency had belatedly deposited the settlement money, but the amount was arbitrarily calculated.

She then countered that the agency had reasons for not paying her settlement money on time. An official from the starting house told Maeil Economic Star Today on March 9th, “In the first half of last year, there was a process of consultation with NO:ZE on the proportion of her profit distribution. In the meantime, the power abuse controversy came to light, and we had to sort things out about advertisements and contracts. She has since been paid all of the settlement and there is currently no additional payment required.” 

NO:ZE gained popularity after appearing as the leader of Crew Wavy in the Mnet dancer contest program “Street Woman Fighter”, which aired in 2021. Since then, she has been receiving offers from various broadcasters and has been on the rise, but in July of last year, she was embroiled in controversy over SNS advertisements. It is suspected that she did not upload posts on social media in time or deleted them even after receiving advertisement fees from some small and medium-sized companies.

As the controversy intensified, NO:ZE wrote in a handwritten apology, saying, “I am sincerely sorry for causing harm and disappointment to the concerned people without any excuse. I deeply reflected and realized that I still have a lot to learn.”

Afterward, NO:ZE, who had been spending her time in self-reflection, went up and down again due to news of a dispute with her agency. While the dispute seems to have occurred as a result of the aftermath of the power abuse controversy, attention is paid to how the conflict between the two sides will end.


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