Dancer NO:ZE Exposed For Deleting Smaller Brands Sponsored Posts, Despite Initial Denial NO:ZE Admits To Deleting Posts

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Dancer NO:ZE is receiving a lot of backlash after an exclusive report exposed her alleged mistreatment of smaller brands.

The exclusive report goes into details about how steep her prices are for social media posts, and despite agreements, she deleted posts sooner than expected. She reportedly charges between $23,000 to $38,000 for a post.

Several brand companies stepped forward to accuse her of lacking professionalism. Brand A said she kept delaying the post and she posted it months after their initial requested date and it was deleted shortly afterwards, they had to plead with her through lengthy messages before she uploaded them. Brand B said they paid her thousands of dollars and despite that, the posts weren’t uploaded on the requested dates and were deleted too.

Despite the many testimonies by brands, her agency Starting House initially issued a statement denying the accusations. The agency said she didn’t act differently depending on the size of the brand and regarding posting schedules, they initially confirmed the posts were uploaded per the contracted dates and that NO:ZE discussed it with them before taking them down too.

Their response was poorly met by netizens who still weren’t convinced by their explanation. Later, on July 5, they returned with a new statement, this time admitting to deleting the sponsored posts from smaller brands and failing to uphold their contractual obligations in uploading and keeping those posts for the specified.

They start off their statement by explaining that the advertisement posts are uploaded to her Instagram after checking the contract and the upload schedule, however, during the process they mention, they blame their ‘negligence,’ saying, ‘we couldn’t keep the contract period as promised in advance with the advertising official and we acknowledge that the said post couldn’t be uploaded or deleted within the time frame due to our lacking communication with the artists. We would like to apologize for the inconvenience and the disappointment caused to the advertising officials and fans who support NO:ZE.”

They ended their statement by stating they realize the seriousness of the issue and promise to reflect on it. They also promise this won’t be repeated in the future.

Despite their apology, reactions to it remain especially cold and netizens now believe NO:ZE has ‘the celebrity disease.’

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