CL Shocking Weight Gain Brings In Mixed Responses From Netizens, See The Photos

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CL has apparently gained back the weight she lost!

CL recently attended Urban Decay Stay Naked collection global launch party at the SJ KUNST HALLE alongside other Korean celebrities. CL has been flying under the radar and rarely making appearances on TV or at events.

About a year ago, Korean news outlets captured CL on her way to the airport and fans were shocked to learn that she has gained some weight and looked almost unrecognizable.

Later, it appeared that she shed the weight at other rare event appearances since then. However, fans were a bit surprised to learn of her weight gain through photos from the press recently because she’s been sharing photos to Instagram with her slim body figure so fans assumed that she had shed the weight and kept it that way.

At the photo wall, she wore a black suit and blew kisses to the press and her fans. Korean articles covering the event shared photos of her, some netizens comments weren’t so kind while others protected and praised her.

Here are some of the comments that criticize her weight gain:

“ugly even with all that makeup on.”

“She looks like a pub hostess.”

“I wondered how she lost that weight so fast, seems that it was only camera.”

“Look at the thickness of her neck, that’s a warrior.”

“What will she do with all that fat?”

“That’s the goddess of media play lo. All that talk about being girl crush lol. But really, she’s been overseas trying hard to make friends and network but hasn’t achieved anything at all.”

“Hyung Sik [YG founder] doesn’t call you?”

“Wow that surprised me.”

On the other hand, her fans defended her with nice comments saying that it was nice to see after such a long time, others criticized the people who pointed out her weight gain.

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Here are some photos of the event:

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  1. She still looks beautiful and healthy. I would rather have her look thicc and happy than skin and bones. Being skinny to the point that your ribs will show in the kpop music industry is not attractive so cut the bull netizens. Her body and you can’t control her whatsoever

  2. You people really must stop this online weight bullying. It’s cowardly and completely off base. Fat? Thin? Perfect? The emphasis on tiny tiny female frames is unhealthy, dangerous to performers and sets a bad example for young girls! This obsession with tiny figures encourages completely abnormal and largely unattainable body shape! It encourages eating disorders, which harm health and can kill! These terribly skinny women look unhealthy and probably feel terrible and tired all the time. Also they are at great risk of developing brittle bone disease (osteoporosis)! Instead of worshipping unattainable, abnormally thin frames and bodies, people should simply focus on the music. Do you like it? Fine. Don’t care for it? Listen to something else.

    1. Yes I agree with you 100 % just because you look good doesn’t mean you can make good music some people are to rude that they think you dat are thicc that you can be good at what you do

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