BTS V Captured In A Photo With One Of His Role Models Actor Kang Dong Won

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Fans are excited to find out that BTS V has met one of his roles Actor Kang Dong Won!

On April 10, the executive producer of “Pachinko” Theresa Kang Lowe shared a photo to her social media with V and Kang Dong Won. She captioned with, “A great night for Koreans and global love for BTS. Thank you, Eva Chow, Kang Dong Won, and V.”

Later, Korean-American songwriter Brian Lee posted a photo with V and Kang Dong Won too to his Instagram, he captioned, “I was in the Army yesterday.”

Fans are especially happy to see these photos because V had previously said that Kang Dong Won was one of his role models.

BTS is currently in Las Vegas for their concerts. They have two more concerts scheduled in the city for April 15 and 16.

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