BTS’ Jimin Selected As A Global Ambassador For Tiffany & Co.

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BTSJimin is the new global Ambassador for Tiffany & Co..

Tiffany & Co., a jewelry house with 186 years of history, announced on March 3rd that it has selected Jimin of BTS, a representative pop icon of the 21st century, as the brand’s new global ambassador.

Jimin, who has a unique style and global influence, is evaluated as the perfect ambassador to open a new chapter for Tiffany & Co. as an icon that encompasses music, art, culture, and luxury. “We welcome BTS Jimin, an artist, and performer with a variety of charms, as a new house ambassador, and Jimin’s energy, style, and modern sense represent the values Tiffany pursues,” said Alexandre Arno, vice president of Tiffany’s product and communication.

“Tiffany & Co. is very proud and happy to unveil its first campaign with Jimin,” said Vice President Arno. 

Jimin, who is loved by many for his distinctive vocals, unique choreography, and performance that overwhelms the audience, continues his unique journey. Recently, Jimin will announce the release of his first official solo album “FACE,” which tells the story of preparing for a new start as an artist, and will clearly reveal his own music world.

Also, as Tiffany & Co.’s ambassador, he will show off Tiffany’s iconic design with his own unique styling through a campaign that will be released soon. 

“It is a great honor to be able to embody the brand value with Tiffany, who has a passion for design, innovation, and artistry,” said Jimin, expressing his feelings as an ambassador. Jimin will be active as Tiffany & Co.’s ambassador from March, and Tiffany will soon unveil its first campaign with Jimin.


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  1. Jimin is the Best candidate to represent Tiffany&Co. He carries himself with such elegance and grace with his impeccable manners and ethereal beauty, his indomitable spirit and high integrity.

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