BTS Accepts Hwagwan Order Of Cultural Merit And Deliver Heartwarming Speeches

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The 2018 Korean Popular Culture & Arts Awards were held on October 24 at the Olympic Hall in Seoul.

There were many stars in attendance including BTS, Kim Nam Joo, Yoo Jae Suk, Son Ye Jin, Red Velvet, Lee Sun Gyun, Lee Soon Jae, and more.

The awards were announced ahead of the event but that didn’t mean that fans would be any less excited about BTS snagging another award to make 2018 even better.

They have received the Order of Cultural Merit Medals and thus became the youngest recipients ever in history to receive this award as well as the first idol group to receive this award.

BTS delivered any amazing speech where the members thanked fans, their families and everyone who helped them become who they are today.

Jungkook especially is now the youngest to receive this medal, he is 21 years old and was able to get it in 5 career years as an idol, and people who usually receive this award have a career age of minimum 37.

RM said,

“Thank you very much. I’m always in charge of the acceptance speeches usually as the leader of BTS, but since we will be giving individual speeches today, I want the other members to have a chance to speak a lot.”

Jin expressed how happy he was that they were able to go abroad and sing in Korean and spread their culture overseas and how happy he was that fans learned Korean because of them and added,

“We will do our best promoting our culture. Thank You!”

Suga said,

“Its an honor for our family. Many things happened to us this year from taking #! in Billboard 200, BBMAs, AMAs and the speech at the UN and among them this medal, the medal is such a great honor. We will continue to spread Korean music with the mind of nation’s representatives.”


“I feel like my heart will explode since the leader used to always give the speech. This award is so meaningful because it happened with the help of the members, the staff, the production company as well as you guys so I would like to tell you that this prize is huge to me. I also really wanted to tell you that thank you for being with us and this award belongs to you. Its also an honor to meet our respected senior artists.”

Jhope also expressed his gratitude to fans and gave them credit in helping them get this award.

V said,

“I don’t know. I don’t know how to express the feelings in my heart right now. After this, I think that my family will feel very proud. ARMY, I am not good with expressing my feelings well but I’d like to say thank you and I love you so much. I wish to everyone who are here and watching this to only have good days. Thank you!”

Jungkook also thanked fans and added,

“It still feels that this award is more than what we deserve but we will accept it gratefully and work harder. ARMYs who always support and trust us from the side and our families, CEO Bang, thank you all so much. We will do our best to promote the Korean culture around the world.”

Congratulations to BTS~!

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