BLACKPINK Jennie Assures Fans She’s Doing Ok After Sustaining Minor Injury To Her Face

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BLACKPINK’s Jennie has assured fans she’s doing fine talking about a recent injury she’s sustained.

On March 3, the idol took to Weverse to write,

“Blink. I’m posting this first because I don’t want you to be surprised for no reason. I’ve been taking care of my health and eating and sleeping well during a brief break, but I stumbled and fell while exercising and got a little cut on my face. I wanted to quickly recover so that Blink wouldn’t worry, but it still hurts a little, so I think I’ll be wearing a bandage on my face for a while. Even if it seems a bit silly, please understand ☺️ I’m sorry for showing you this side of me when I need to put on a good show. Don’t worry, I’ll get better soon and we’ll see each other soon.”

In the comment of her post, she also added that fans don’t need to worry about her as she’s been receiving treatments for it daily.

The idol has left for Malaysia for the next stop of their world tour.

Get well soon, Jennie!

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