BLACKPINK Jennie And BIGBANG Gdragon Support Labelmate WINNER Song Mino First Art Exhibition

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BLACKPINK Jennie and BIGBANG Gdragon are WINNER Song Mino best supporters, they recently showed up to his first-ever art exhibit to cheer him on.

In the art exhibit, Song Mino worked on three art pieces that are currently being displayed as part of the Special Exhibition for Emerging Artists 2019.

BLACKPINK Jennie went to support him on December 18. She posted a couple of photos of the art exhibition, Song Mino also posted on his Instagram account thanking Jennie for her support. But Jennie wasn’t the only one who supported Song Mino’s first art exhibition, BIGBANG Gdragon also showed up to support him.

He paid a visit to the art exhibition recently and posted pictures to Instagram; he had a scruffier look and posted pictures of himself smoking a cigarette, he also posted pictures of Song Mino.

Fans are happy to see YG artists supporting each other.

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The art exhibition will run until December 25 at Seongnam Art Center’s 808 Gallery.


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신인작가송민호님 축하해요.

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Thx Jennie

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