BLACKPINK Becomes The First Girl Group Ever In History To Be Named TIME Magazine’s Entertainer Of The Year

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BLACKPINK has been named as the Entertainer of the Year for 2022 by TIME.

On December 5 local time, TIME Magazine unveiled their list of the year’s most influential people in each field. BLACKPINK was crowned Entertainer of the Year becoming the first ever girl group to achieve this.

In the article published by the magazine, they write, “BLACKPINK is this generation’s icon that leads the trend, and the largest female band in the world,” the girl group answered many questions and talked about being happy to make music, they said, “We’re the happiest when we do music. Good results followed because we’re always happily enjoying every moment. I think the power of our fans who always love and support us constantly is the biggest reason [behind our achievements]. We will do our best in every moment with gratitude in our hearts.”

Check out TIME’s video clip announcing BLACKPINK as the Entertainer of the Year below!

Congratulations to BLACKPINK!

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