Big Hit Entertainment Artist Snap A Family Photo Together For The First Time

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Big Hit Entertainment artists have all gathered in one place at last!

On April 27, Big Hit Entertainment soloist Lee Hyun shared a photo with TXT and BTS backstage and the photo went viral.

He captioned,

“To do away without any regrets I decided to visit Sangam MBC building for the first time in a long time to cheer you on. I figured, if not now when will we be together again? Thank you my dongsangs for welcoming this old boy.”

TXT retweeted the photo and in their caption, they thanked Lee Hyun for coming and cheering them on, BTS Jimin and Jin also replied to the tweet, Jimin wrote,

“Hyung, why don’t I remember taking this photo? Guys, when did you take this photo?”

Jin also replied,

“Since we took a photo with you, you have to come fishing with me next time. –Superstar Kim Seokjin.”

On April 27, both BTS and TXT performed at MBC’s “Music Core.”

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My Personal Thoughts

When I found out that TXT and BTS will be promoting at the same time I thought it was a great idea.

Big Hit marketing team is hella smart, that’s a very good way to promote TXT and get them more recognition without screaming ‘HEY LOOK THEY ARE BTS JUNIORS!”

TXT has done fairly okay with their debut, the debut song fell off the Korean charts relatively fast but it performed well internationally, they also sold lots of albums which is the bigger accomplishment.

Big Hit realizes BTS are super famous and trying to market TXT as the next BTS is probably a lousy move, other agencies tried to market their next boy/girl group as the next IT but failed to live up to expectations.

You see what happens when you market someone and associate them to a very big established artist is that you create high expectations and with high expectations often come disappointment.

This is why I loved the way they marketed TXT. To give the new boys more exposure it needs to be done subtly but enough to provoke curiosity. Look at me right now, I am writing an article about TXT because they took a photo with BTS and Lee Hyun, that’s a good title for an article that shall get a lot of clicks.

The interactions between TXT and BTS as well as what will happen backstage such as this legendary photo you saw above will create more buzz around TXT, more and more articles will be written about them and it’s done in a subtle genius way.

Many agencies would avoid overlapping their artists’ comebacks to give each time to shine but Big Hit did it in a way that would in no way overshadow but instead bring attention.

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