Australian Show Disrespects And Insults BTS’s Numerous Times, ARMY Furious

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An Australian Show called “20 to One” is being heavily criticized for the way they reported on BTS.

BTS came at number 18 on their top 20 list of pop culture and instead of only listing out their accomplishments, they proceeded to belittle some members and make fun of them as well.

UPDATE: Australian Show Response To Backlash From ARMY Has ARMY Even More Furious

The hosts, as well as some commentators/comedians, gave snarky remarks to BTS; they were called ‘the south Korean one direction,’ one host said ‘never heard of them.’

When they spoke about their number one album in America, they expressed their amusement at how that was possible considering that only one member spoke English. It seems that the hosts are unaware BTS got that number one singing in their mother tongue KOREAN.

When talking about their skills, one said,

“I have no idea what they’re singing about. But, these guys are great. The choreo is great. The singing is…passable.”

They pulled a clip from Jimin’s voice cracking at an award show almost as if trying to show that they can’t sing.

One other said,

“There are 7 members. That is a lot. Surely you could fire 4 of them.”

Besides that, the hosts also called RM with his old stage name showing just how little the entire piece on BTS was researched.

The awful piece didn’t stop there, the hosts made fun of their UN speech when one host asked what they talked about, the other guessed ‘hair products.’

Here is the clip in question:

As you’d expect, ARMY were furious with the hosts and the comedians and commentators who made fun of BTS. Many are mass-emailing the network demanding an apology for that excuse of a broadcast.

Some are also demanding that Big Hit takes strict legal action against the hosts, many are emailing Big Hit with information about this and instructions on how they could possibly punish them for their snarky disrespectful remarks.

My Personal Thoughts

WOW! That was really cringy and difficult to watch. I don’t know, is this show supposed to include such snarky disrespectful remarks about celebrities? Is it a running theme or what? (if you know plz let me know)

Aside from the fact that they were disrespectful, it was poorly researched. Some clips felt as if they were purposefully trying to show the bad side of BTS, other clips show them demeaning the accomplishments.

I don’t mind criticism even tho the fandom doesn’t really like that, but this is out of line because it feels like they’re just trying to belittle whatever they accomplished.

I don’t know if this counts as defamation or slander in Australian law, Korean law is hella strict but I don’t know if this is how it works in Australia. So mass reporting to Big Hit will probably do nothing.

I know a lot of ARMY are pissed, however, I have seen many accounts hacking the hosts’ accounts and retrieving their personal information. Many are ‘exposing’ them on twitter and it’s awful.

You can’t fight fire with fire, if you want this to be solved don’t hack and threaten the hosts, that makes you look crazy and possessive. ARMY can be very difficult to like.

I don’t like what this show has done but to go out of your way and threaten death, expose private information, expose family members’ names and blast that on social media, that’s sick and I don’t stand by that. and the fact that there are ARMY encouraging this behavior is sickening. I can’t believe this, BTS preaches peace and love and this is how the fandom reacts.

If BTS saw some of these fans actions they’d be ashamed. This is not how you demand an apology. The same people who preach love for the members blast the hosts’ mother and father names, that’s unacceptable and it honestly freaks me out how some love people so much they’re willing to do such awful things.

Whats your reaction to this article?

By Kevin Miller

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  1. I’m pissed yet I still need to control my temper. I can roast them if I want to but I think that’s the wrong way to go. I’m just really disappointed to what they said to BTS who is able to fight their hardships since 2013, I bet they really don’t know what “respect” means.” As an ARMY, I always try my best to control myself when I confront haters of BTS but this one……is the worst in all that I encountered, they’re worse than my friends teasing them. I could tell that I hate them but…I have nothing to do. They should’ve also replied ARMY’s in a respectful way than swearing at them because ARMY’s will totally explode if it goes off the line. I hope they’ll soon accept the fact that they did a mistake and I hope to have this war end.

  2. As an Australian-Korean, there was absolutely nothing malicious about this piece. ‘Paying people out’, as we coin it, is part and parcel of Aussie culture and jokingly criticising someone’s culture or the geopolitical issues of a region is commonplace, but not fueled by any notion of racial superiority (hence the trope that Aussies are casual racists).You said “is this show supposed to include such snarky disrespectful comments about celebrities?’, the short answer is yes. In Australia, if somebody is doing something well it is typical to ‘cut them down’, not because you don’t like them, but because of a cultural disapproval of tall-poppy syndrome. For a comparison, have a look at any of Tom Gleeson’s ‘Go Away’ videos on Youtube where he ‘bags out’ (another synonym for ‘paying out’ because yes, this kind of discourse is integral to Australian humour) various Australian cities. Show piece with this tone are very commonplace on comedy shows.

  3. Lol. I agree with Jimin. I mean celebrities should be prepared for that type of criticism altogether. They just cannot expect to be loved by everyone. That is being overly expectant or living in a bubble. Plus BTS became worldwide they should take this as a challenge to prove their worth to people who wonder what the wave is all about. Complaining about it is just redundant. Sure, It is hard to listen to haters and it can demoralise someone, But that’s why these celebrities have a team and the power to slide over that bs smoothly. Otherwise, I feel that they should toughen up and just take it as a joke to avoid instigating the fans. They cannot preach peace but act in ways that cause a ripple effect which endangers people’s lives. That is unless they want to have Korean fans only. BTS are my loves and i would love if they came to my country. They be 7 or 20 I love them all. As for the criticism its no big deal. They are better today than they were yesterday. Overall that’s the life of a celebrity. Ask Justin Bieber.

  4. I don’t get you two (Jimin and Lynda) ARMY does make fun of BTS regularly…
    It is never racist or painful to watch like the piece of t**** that was passed as a tv programm. Casual rasism is still racism and should not be accepted the way you two seem to casually do. Casual does NOT mean OK. It’s sad to see that it is like that really.
    Of course overreacting and giving the personal info of these ‘people’ is not the way to go. I do ask myself too if there is no law for diffamation in AUS that would solve it a tad?? Because honestly that apology whas more than lacking and the other ‘comic’ (and I use the term very lightly) should not have meddled (and then proceed to complain about the unfairness of what he is reaping… the mo**n).
    Let us just hope they learned their lesson ( research properly about the person/group before you do a show and for the love of … no xenofobia, mysoginy or other never ok jokes even if they are easy)

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