Apink Announces Come Back With New Mini-Album In April

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Apink has confirmed their comeback with a new mini-album in April.

On February 22, their agency IST Entertainment said, “Apink will release a new mini-album in April and start their comeback activities.” As a result, Apink will return as a five-member group in about a year and two months after their 10th-anniversary special album “HORN” released in February last year.

Apink, which debuted with “I Don’t Know” in 2011, is a girl group that celebrates their 12th anniversary this year, and has long been loved by the public with numerous mega-hit songs such as “Mr. Chu”, “NoNoNo”, “%”, and “Dumhdurum”.

Last year their special album “HORN” swept the top positions of the nation’s major music charts shortly after its release, as well as hitting the top five in 12 iTunes top album charts, breaking their best initial sales, and their title song “Dilemma” topped music programs. Since then, individual members have been engaged in various fields, from dramas to musicals, solo albums, and unit activities, showing outstanding performances as individuals.

Following successful individual activities, the news of the recent fan concert “Pink drive” in five Asian regions in March and April raised expectations for full group activities. K-pop fans are already paying keen attention to what new music and transformation Apink, who confirmed their comeback in April for the first time in a year and two months, will show off their unique charm.

Are you excited for Apink’s comeback?

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