Antis Claim CL Was So Jealous Of BLACKPINK Jennie’s Photo With Rihanna Because She Did THIS

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Some antis just can’t stop trying to instigate rumors of bad blood between Jennie and CL!

A couple of days ago, BLACKPINK Jennie had the pleasure of meeting her idol Rihanna at the after party of her makeup brand FENTY Beauty in Seoul.

Rihanna flew over to South Korea to hold an event about her famous makeup brand.

It is well known that BLACKPINK Jennie idolized Rihanna. Jennie had previously named her as her No.1 girl crush previously. This is why many fans were over the moon when they saw photos and videos of them together.

CL had also shared a cute exchange with Rihanna to her instagram account after her event. She shared a screenshot of her convo with Rihanna, Rihanna told CL that she missed her and that she had a blast. CL even called her ‘unnie.’

Due to CL’s busy schedule, she wasn’t able to attend the after-party.

However, some antis claim that CL shared this screenshot after seeing Jennie’s picture with Rihanna and that CL is an attention seeker who’s trying to rival Jennie.

Here are some of their tweets below:

Some claim that she’s trying to rival Jennie who rose to be the top girl of YG Entertainment replacing CL’s position and that she’s jealous. Some even argue that it’s not okay for CL to post these screenshots since they’re private conversations.

However, soon 2NE1 fans corrected those antis. In case you didn’t know CL has been friends with Rihanna for a long time. She even sent her presents before, they are close enough and it’s very clear from the way Rihanna addresses and messages CL.

Many people jumped to defend CL who’s being attacked for posting this screenshot.

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What do you think of these people who are trying to create drama between CL and Jennie?

Whats your reaction to this article?

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  1. What do I think? I just think some Blinks are getting more and more stupider every day and they need a reward for being a toxic fandom. Blackpink would literally shame all of you if they saw these.

    1. Okay but CL knew exactly what she was doing when she posted it. It made her look jealous for no reason. Post8ng a screenshot right after people were praising the whole situation. Mind you she already knew what was gonna happen. Like girl you knew blinks were gonna see and were gonna point this out. Anyway

      1. So are you saying that if we post a dm, we’re jealous? No head has more air than yours, Edgyteen. We can post whatever we want on our social media accounts, same goes to CL and other kpop idols.

      2. These CL haters needs 2 stfu & stfd… Please CL is the baddest b*#@$ & always going 2 be… CL & Jennie are 2 different generation, plus I’m not a BIG fan of Jennie I mean I love BP, but I love more of LISA, now if ya’ll didn’t notice Lisa is will known, but they are tryna put Jennie on the top of the rack, nah LISA is… Sorry 2 say but it’s the TRUTH…

      3. What people like you failed to understand is that screenshot is CL’s way to SHOW HER SUPPORT, because she WAS NOT at the event unlike Jennie. If you’re ever friends with a Hollywood A-list celebrity like Riri, won’t you get over-the-top and post a screenshot if she ever did dm’ed you and called you “sis”?! You people should all go back to school and start educating yourselves how to be a better human. Smh!

    2. I’m a blink and I see no problem with it. Seriously stop saying it’s blinks when it’s just dumb antis making us look bad. Call them blonks. Y’all never wanna say stuff when it’s your faves fandom.

  2. Okay even if they were friends, what was the reason to post that screen shot. Like girl that nade you look needy and jealous for no reason. She knew what she was doing.

    1. Do you not understand the situation? CL and Rihanna has been friends since 2013 and a CL Stan even said she has been posting stuff about Rihanna for years and keeps her Instagram upgraded. She knew what she was doing, but did you know? Stop assuming . I’m not even a CL Stan just tired of ya Blonks tryna make BlackPink superior.

    2. @edgyteen idols post screenshots ALL THE TIME between members, between family, other idols, producers & such… so why would it be any different now??? jennie is not the center of the word. cl is allowed to post things from her life without it having anything to do with bp. youre reaching.

  3. It’s okay tho to show off your bestfriend. Maybe she’d been a little overacted. But that doesn’t mean she’s jealous. She just want to show off. It’s okay to show off sometimes. But making a negative comments doesn’t solve issues. It make you look pity. And what with ‘hag’? There’s CL before Jenny… And maybe in the future, there is someone after Jenny. So that ‘hag’ could be Jenny in the future. I hope both CL and Jenny can be more successfull for life is only temporary. I pray that both them will always have a healthy life, healthy heart and healthy mind… BLACKJACK & BLINKS ARE AWESOME ❤❤❤

  4. As a BLINK this makes me lose braincells. Sadly our community is filled with preteen fangirls, acting hard and smart over literally everything cuz they just can’t stfu. Can’t look into things before they start bashing someone. Okay, we get it, CL posted dms with Rihanna, then what?
    OMg cL iS sO jEaLoUs oMg i neEd to tWeEt aBouT tHis. Sis, nobody caaaaaares, calm your hormones.
    And like listen, I’d die for Blackpink and all that, they got me into kpop and i love them ever since, but that doesnt mean that i hate any single other group or soloist, you don’t have to piss yourselves everytime you read or see something that “negatively affects” your bias.
    This is why a lot of people think the whole kpop fandom is just a bunch of retarded kids.

  5. Stupid fans She shared it in her story that Rihanna misses her and wished CL was in the event that night ! What can’t you not understand that?! She shared it not for LAZY Jennie but for the event and RIRI ! . OK! . Put that in your stupid heads !!.
    And I kinda notice that even after 3 years of CL’s debut she was never been lazy to perform in alot of events not like Jennie after 2 years she started to be lazy year by year and didn’t even level up at CL’s expertise …

  6. duuuuuude why the heck would you call someone a hag for showing her friendship with Rihanna??? Blinks really need to sort themselves out and focus on more important things rather than thinking everyone’s against them all the time ~

  7. I was a blink and you blackpink only contains jennie:).. Idk what’s good in her?!! Well rose jisso and Lisa are also pretty, vocals are good etc etc just like jennie.. Blinks are super hyper that’s why I don’t like blackpink

  8. I swear these stupid blinks are so jealous! The difference between CL and Jennie is that Jennie is Rihanna’s fan. CL is Rihanna’s friend, Rihanna even gifted shoes to CL calling her ‘the fakest woman she knows’ years ago. Rihanna messaged HER because she missed her at that very same event. (and btw the only idols Rihanna follows are CL, GD and Taeyang, obviously that DM was real but blinks can’t relate.

  9. Lol at all the delusional Blinks thinking black pink would even exist if 2ne1 hadn’t paved the way for them. Anyone that’s been into kpop for more than a few years knows that black pink is nothing more than a bad knockoff of 2ne1. And while the members of black pink might have talent, there’s zero substance to their music. They might be popular now because their songs are catchy. But they lack any kind of staying power as a group. If they haven’t faded into obscurity before their contracts are up, I’ll be surprised.

  10. Duh, how about considering that CL doesn’t care about Jenie’s stuff and just minding her own business. Grow up _ not everything is about your Bias.

  11. Seriously? There is no jealousy in that screenshot. Look cl and riri were frnds before bp debuted soooooo yall crazy blinks need to chill out……period…

  12. blinks gets more toxic as the time passes by idk what is their problem these blinks are dilusional af they need to chill tf off and research about things before typing and talking dumb shits.

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