The Kdrama “Hide” Ending Explained- Finale And Episode 12 Recap

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The Kdrama “Hide” has concluded its run earlier today, here is a recap of its 12th episode and its ending explained!

The Kdrama “Hide” episode 12 recap

The episode begins with Moon-Young and Jin-Woo chasing after Sung-Jae and Yeon-Ju. They get on the same ship as them. Sung-Jae is having a heated discussion with Yeon-Ju and begins hitting her, he tries to kill her while Moon-Young and Jin-Woo interfere. Then, Moon-Young and Yeon-Ju also get into a fight.

Yeon-Ju says she had a gift for Moon-Young, she discovers that her father attempted suicide after talking to her. Moon-Young tells her what she’s doing won’t change a thing. She says she’ll take her to court and make sure she’s punished, but then as they’re talking, Sung-Jae comes at them and is about to kill them both, then Yeon-Ju grabs Moon-Young and jumps off the ship, then Jin-Woo also chases after them, they all wash up on shore.

At the hospital, Yeon-Ju is recovering and is not dead but unconscious, Moon-Young’s dad condition is stable but he’s not awake either.

The detectives then get the confirmation about Hwang Tae-Soo’s DNA and declare him dead, and as Sung-Jae arrives in Switzerland and is about to withdraw the money using his identity, he is stopped and the bank is informed of the stolen identity. He flees.

He then calls Mr. Choi who is upset the money couldn’t be withdrawn any more and he sent him a gift, a bunch of thugs come at him to kill him, they chase him and beat him up, they then suffocate him but police come for them and stops them, they flee with his bag which had his fake identity. At the same time, he had called his mom but is interrupted by the thugs, she’s also sent a message that she’s under arrest for Hwang Tae-Soo’s murder.

Moon-Young sees her dad and talks to him, with tears in her eyes she talks about how if he cares about her, he should wake up. When she goes to see Yeon-Ju, Mr. Choi had sent someone to kill her, but she stops them. Yeon-Ju then threatens her to kill herself and takes her to her father’s grave.

Yeon-Ju is upset seeing his grave and threatens to kill Moon-Young with the needle, Moon-Young admits if she hadn’t lied, it wouldn’t have been like this but its now over and she’s hung on the past, she asks Yeon-Ju to let go. Police come for her and arrest her then.

Moon-Young goes to get her daughter from the U.S. and Sung-Jae’s mother goes through various stages of grief, pleading, screaming and such about what happened. Moon-Young takes her daughter and the grandma back to Seoul, there the grandma is arrested, she says she did everything to help her son out.

Mr. Choi is then arrested for his crimes, and Moon-Young packs up and leaves that house with her daughter. Mr. Lee was in court again for arson and this time because Moon-Young blew the whistle, he was sentenced to jail.

Joo Sin-Hwa leaves the prosecution office after wrapping up the case but Moon-Young suggests she blows more heated towards Mr. Choi to make sure the public hates him and make his case more difficult. Mr. choi is not happy about that.

As the dust settles, Jin-Woo meets Moon-Young and says he’s meeting his daughter’s adoptive parents. At the same time, Moon-Young is told her dad woke up. She goes to see him with her daughter, she’s happy he’s ok.

He’s since been proven not guilty, but is keeping his distance from his daughter, he says he’ll keep in touch every once and a while. He then goes to see Jae Pil’s grave and apologize again for what happened.

At her own trial for her wrongdoings, Moon-Young is sentenced to one year in prison to be fulfilled two years from now.

A while later

Joo Sin-Hwa opened her own office and is accepting clients, now, detective Baek and Jin-Woo work with her.

Meeting with her daughter’s teacher, Moon-Young finds out her daughter is doing much better emotionally and will get over her trauma, when the teacher asks where her father is, Moon-Young says he won’t be back.

Sung Jae turns out to be bedridden and now not in his mind after being suffocated to death, he’s lucid but not fully there, police can’t process him because he has no identity and the hospital refuses to release him.

Yeon-Ju is now also in prison and refusing to eat, but after reading one letter, she starts to eat.

For the ending scene, Moon young and her daughter see her friend and she wants to go with her to see her new dog, so she goes, then Moon young begins to cry.

The end.

The Kdrama “Hide” ending explained- FAQ

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