“Queen Of Tears” Ending Explained- Episode 16 Recap And Review

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“Queen Of Tears” has sadly wrapped up its run earlier today, let us take a look at the drama’s finale and explain its ending!

“Queen Of Tears” episode 16 recap

After Hyun Woo was hit, Eun Sung runs away and back to the villa, there, Haein discovers she’s been kidnapped and taken there, scared by him, she lies and says she’s seen a notebook but she’s sure Hyun Woo is bad. She says she’ll follow his advice and they should return home, he says its not happening and he’s taking them overseas.

At the same time, his mother is told by Grace that he took Haein, she also calls about the money and discovers he withdrew it and took it with him. She goes to the villa around the same time Hyun woo, who is injured, and his friend go. They call police too.

As Seul-Hee arrives, she confronts Eun Sung and asks for the tape and the money, he refuses to give it to her, they have a discussion about how he waited and waited for her and we find out she caused the death of Haein’s brother, she says she feels bad Haein didn’t die then too. Hyun Woo then turns off the lights and takes Haein.

Eun Sung finds out and runs after them as they run in the snow. He then brings his rifle and asks Haein in a threatening manner to come to him and he’d forgive her. She refuses and says she won’t do so over her dead body, police surround him and ask him to stop but he says if he can’t have her, he’ll shoot her and take her to the grave with him.

Hyun woo is shot and then Eun Sung is also shot and dies. Hyun woo gets taken to the hospital and everyone arrives there. Haein is especially worried and crying recalling more of some of her memories with him. Seul-Hee is told her son died but she takes off with the cash and doesn’t even check for him.

As Hyun Woo is in surgery, Haein’s mother reveals to his mother he saved her daughter’s life a long time ago and she regrets treating him badly, Hyun woo’s mother tells her to let bygones be bygones. Hyun woo is released from surgery and wakes up surrounded by Haein and then everyone joins in.


Seul-Hee scolds her lawyer and says she will buy more shares with the illegal funds. They file a lawsuit against her to prevent her from becoming the CEO. But she is the majority share since her son died, so Da-Hye tries to convince Grace to surrender to police, but Grace is against it. Grace says she atoned as she helped them out secretly to do things to help Haein regain her memory.

When Soo-Cheol finds out Da-Hye wants to leave to prison, he’s sad, she takes him to her orphanage and convinces him she’ll be by his side once she returns. He cries hugging her.

at the court hearing, she denies everything, they bring out Da-Hye as a witness but since she has little evidence they met and Da-Hye is being investigated, it doesn’t hold up much, but then Grace helped them by stealing footage of Seul-Hee poisoning the chairman, she’s arrested then and there immediately.

She goes to jail and struggles there, the family is reinstated and goes back to business after proving their innocence.

After the situation is over,  Beom-Ja meets up with Yeong-Song who says he’s new to dating and asks to go at his pace, they start dating taking it slowly. Its revealed he’s liked her for a while too and had been setting up the stage for them to run into each other while she was in his town.

Mi-Seon is then told her husband is not cheating and is not dating an American woman, her parents gift her ticket to go see him.

Hyun woo and Haein are back together and also taking it slowly, they now say hi to each other while working and such. When asked if he’s proposing, Haein says no, but she plans on rejecting him if he does.

She thought then he was planning to propose when in fact he was having a team dinner, she’s disappointed. When she goes home that night, she recalls her worst memory when they lost their child.

At a date they had watching the spring blooms, she tells him she was going to reject him if he proposed last night but now, she won’t. He tells her he will mend things and do his best to fix them if she’s willing to still be with him, she cries and accepts his proposal.

Several years later

Grace and Da-Hye get out of jail, Da-Hye is greeted by her son and her husband, Grace is also told to join them for dinner. And while Beom-Ja is frustrated with how slow her relationship progressed with Yeong-Song, he finally gives her a kiss on the cheeks.

Back in Germany, atop the stairs of one of its landmarks, we see Hyun woo and Haein walking and now with their daughter.


over 40 to 50 years later, Haein died and Hyun woo who is an old man is in Germany, seeing his beloved where she’s buried, he tends for her grave there just like she saw back then when they were young. He goes back to the field that had their good memories and there we see Hyun woo and Haein together despite being separated by death, they say they can just meet again.

the end.

“Queen Of Tears” ending explained- FAQ

“Queen Of Tears” ending review

A full review of the series is coming out tomorrow on the blog, but honestly, what was that 15th episode? and also, why is the 16th episode so long? it’s a full-length movie.

The screenwriter just added unnecessary side steps to what could have been a good ending, I really wanted to see Eun Sung and his mother suffer more for their actions, ep 15 should have been dedicated to this while ep 16 should have been fan-service cute content showing how happy the family and the couples are.

Also, the payout for Seul-Hee wasn’t enough, she should’ve suffered more, it almost seemed they didn’t even have her as* at one point during the trial.

But the ending is fine and I think for most who watched the series, it was a good ending. That last scene of an old Hyun woo was a tearjerker.

Overall, I’d say it’s a fine drama, I enjoyed the performances a lot, Ji Won and Soo Hyun chemistry will go down in history as the best EVER.

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