CL Tweets Directed At Jennie Following Her Solo Debut? The Truth Behind The Tweets


Your baddest Kpop female artist is in the news and for a very weird reason!

On November 12, former 2NE1 member Dara celebrated her birthday. CL and Dara are known for being especially close, CL took to twitter to celebrate her rabbit’s (aka Dara) birthday.

She posted a photo and wrote,

She then subsequently posted a couple more tweets and somehow BLACKPINK fans got involved.

She tweeted,

Jennie had held her solo press conference earlier the same day and when asked what Yang Hyun Suk told her about competition, she said,

“Yang Hyuk Suk said to me to ‘kill em all”

This happened around the same time, blinks were tweeting and trending Jennie’s solo debut track “SOLO,” some fans somehow thought that CL was referring to Jennie and throwing shade at YG as well with her previous tweet.

So, naturally, some tweeted back at her expressing their disappointment in her and asking her not to take her anger and direct it towards Jennie just because she’s getting a lot of attention from YG itself.

However, through her replies to some of her fans tweets, it became obvious that by a rabbit she was referring to Dara, she replied to a fan who said “You’re so deep but rabbits can surprise u too” to which she replied,

“Only dara rabbit can.”

Which now clearly means that CL described Dara as a rabbit and probably compared herself to a tiger. Blinks thought that CL was referring to herself when she said tiger and to Jennie when she said a rabbit.

Despite that, some were arguing that CL was throwing shade at Jennie and telling people indirectly not to compare a newcomer to her.

A blink fan tweeted,

It got confusing when CL replied to her with a simple YAS and a clap back.

This made fans a bit confused not knowing whether CL was referring to Jennie or Dara.

What do you personally think of this?


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