Another SEVENTEEN Member Facing Health Issues, S.Coups Experiencing Anxiety Symptoms

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Pledis Entertainment has announced the hiatus of SEVENTEEN S.Coups!

On November 18, Pledis Entertainment announced that SEVENTEEN S.Coups would be taking a hiatus due to health issues; the announcement was released through their twitter account.

Here is the statement:


We would like to make an official announcement in regard to the health condition of S.COUPS.

S.COUPS has recently been undergoing a detailed examination and diagnosis of his health, due to symptoms of anxiety. And after thorough discussion, all of the SEVENTEEN members, including S.COUPS himself, have decided that it would be best for him to take the time to rest and temporarily abstain from participating in SEVENTEEN’s activities.

We sincerely extend our apologies to all fans who have continued showing their love and support for SEVENTEEN and hope for your understanding, as we have made this decision to prioritize our member’s health and well-being. We will make sure to continue trying our best to protect our artists.

In addition, we sincerely hope that there will be no excessive assumptions or misunderstandings regarding the health of S.COUPS, and will make further announcements accordingly in regard to his recovery and future activities.

Thank you.”

This isn’t the first SEVENTEEN member to go on a hiatus or sit out of activities, earlier this month (on November 7), Pledis announced that Dino would be sitting out the Makuhari concert for their world tour “Ode to You,” due to health issues as well.

The fandom has been attempting to contact the agency to ask them to give SEVENTEEN a break since the members seemed so tired and their schedule has been extremely packed.

Following the announcement of S.Coups hiatus, fans trended two hashtags worldwide to wish their leader well.

What do you think of SEVENTEEN schedule?

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