Amber Liu Fires Back At Haters Who Continuously Bash Her Efforts For The #BlackLivesMatter Movement + Denies She’s Pregnant

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Amber Liu has had enough and she’s calling out haters!

She took to twitter earlier today to speak up about people who have been continuously bashing her for standing up to the #BlackLivesMatter Movement. She captioned her tweet with, ‘fuck off.’

The continuous controversy stems from a comment she made during a live stream last year. She has since apologized sincerely for the issue and promised to educate herself on the matter.

She was also criticized for a tweet she posted recently asking her fans to email elected officials asking for the white officer who killed George Floyd to be prosecuted for first-degree murder. People criticized her because first-degree conviction could mean that he could walk out free if the prosecutors called for those first degree charges.

First degree charges is when the perpetrator intentionally killed with premeditated and malicious intent. A second degree charge is for killing as an impulsive action without any premeditation.

She has since taken down that tweet.

Despite her efforts, she’s been constantly cyber-bullied online over her tweets. People continue to bully her about her past mistakes and make issues out of her efforts to help. Amber has even participated in protests.  

Some also soon began to circulate online article from Soompi claiming that Amber is pregnant. Soompi has denied writing such an article; it was simply photo-shopped.

Check out her response to haters below:

What are your thoughts on this?

My Personal Thoughts

I don’t want to make this an issue about gender, but I’ve seen idols do dumb illegal shit and still never get this amount of hate. It’s fucking unbelievable.

I am not a fan of Amber but I respect her as an artist. Back in 2019, she obviously made a mistake but she has apologized and I could see she’s been educating herself and I’ve seen how much she’s been doing for the movement. She’s done more than 99% of your idols, so shut the fuck up.

To have her efforts berated like that and ridiculed must feel so awful, and that mistake of first degree is very debatable. I know the difference between both because I’ve seen shit tone of documentaries on killers but it’s not like Amber was trying to get the man acquitted. Anyone with a brain could see what she was aiming for and if you disagree with her, educate her, don’t spew shit.

The amount of hate she received is unbelievable in my opinion. The same people who shout out about kindness to other idols who screw up are the same ones bashing her for trying to educate people and use her platform for good.

Twitter is fucking toxic, I can’t even!

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