Han Ji Min And Lee Min Ki In Talks To Appear In Director Kim Seok Yoon’s New Drama “Hip”

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Actor Han Ji Min and Lee Min Ki have been offered to work with the director of the recent hit drama “My Liberation Notes” on a new drama “Hip”.

On July 27, an official from BH Entertainment said to Dispatch, “Han Ji Min has been offered to appear in drama Hip and is positively reviewing it.”

“Hip” is a drama set in a rural area. It portrays the story that takes place there in a delicate way.

It’s already drawing a lot of attention as if Han Ji Min confirms her appearance in “Hip,” it will be her third time working with director Kim Seok Yoon.

Han Ji Min has previously appeared in director Kim Seok Yoon’s works such as “The Light In Your Eyes” in 2019, following the movie “Detective K: Secret Of The Virtuous Widow” in 2011.

On the other side, Actor Lee Min ki is also positively considering appearing in the new drama “Hip”.

An official from Lee Min ki’s agency Screening ENT told NewsN on July 27, “Lee Min Ki has received an offer to appear in ‘Hip’ and is reviewing positively.”

While expectations are high on whether Lee Min ki, who starred as Yeom Chang Hee in “My Liberation Notes,” will reunite with director Kim Seok Yoon, “My Liberation Notes”.

Meanwhile, “Hip” will begin production with the goal of airing next year. The airing time is still in talks.

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  1. I hope the scriptwriter is Ms. Park Hae-Young. If so, this will be an epic TV series. Both Lee Min-Ki and Han Ji-Min are versatile actors. I am looking forward to reading more details on the project and of course watching the series on Netflix soon! Goodluck Team Lee Min-Ki and Han Ji-Min!

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