A Malicious Commenter Who Got Sued By SM Entertainment Has A Warning To All Antis Who Trash Talk SM Idols

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We finally have a perspective of a malicious commenter who got sued by an agency for their comments.

On May 2, an unknown user took to twitter to write about his experience getting sued by SM Entertainment and he has something to say to those who continue to hide behind anonymity on Twitter while trash talking SM idols.

He starts off his tweet by stating that he’s writing to NCT Jaemin’s antis, he says,

“SM is really good at suing these accounts. I can say this with confidence from experience. The company sued me over tweets from 2017 and 18 without a settlement.”

He explains that he never issued an apology and thus, fans didn’t know that SM has been taking legal action. He says it took him 9 months to receive a statement. He says he was called to be told he was getting sued and it turns out that twitter is very cooperative in these cases; the rumors that you can’t sue anonymous users on twitter aren’t true.

He added,

“The reason I am sharing this is to warn young people from making the same mistakes I did. I was in high school when SM sued me.”

He also provided a photo of the mail he got from Seoul district court letting him know he’s being sued to provide evidence that he’s telling the truth.

He says he thought he was sharing his opinion based on solid facts and went through a living hell because of this, he says he deeply regrets those actions and is currently seeing a psychiatrist. He says Big hit, JYP, YG and all others are no different, they all take legal action as harshly and can catch those malicious commenters easily.

The user has since deleted the account shortly after the tweet went viral and got shared by various accounts on twitter. Check out the screenshots of the tweets below:

Jaemin is currently receiving hate for dating rumors that linked him to an actress, the rumors haven’t been confirmed but he has been suffering from fans turning their backs on him and saying terrible things about this even though it hasn’t been confirmed and SM hasn’t commented yet on the subject.

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