Hwarang Cast: Where Are They Now?

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One of the most beloved historical dramas in recent years has to be the 2016-2017 KBS drama “Hwarang.”

It was the talk of the kdrama community throughout its run time. It has 20 long episodes filled with happiness, tears and great bromance.

The cat has actually gotten much closer while filming and they remained friends even after the drama wrapped up. Specifically, Park Seo Joon, Park Hyung Sik and BTS’s V.

Therefore, on many instances we covered many news of the “Hwarang” cast showing support and love for each other.

Today, you’ll be catching up with all the cast and finding out what they’ve been up since “Hwarang” finished its run on February 22nd, 2017.

Park Seo Joon


2017 may had a slow start for the beloved Korean actor but it soon turned pretty great.

Throughout 2017, Park Seo Joon enjoyed great success with his drama and movies. The actor went on to starr in the beloved KBS series “Fight My Way” opposite Kim Ji Won.

“Fight My Way” is one of the best rated and most beloved kdramas of 2017.

Its approachable storyline as well as well-thought out characters made the show a hit for KBS.

Park Seo Joon then went on to lead the hit 2017 movie “Midnight Runners” alongside Kang Ha Neul, which tells the story of two police officers who happen to stumble upon a terrible scene and discover a little girl getting kidnapped.

The movie was a hit in theatres and enjoyed great success as well.

Park Seo Joon had a great 2017, but his 2018 is looking out to be even better. He is currently in talks to lead another movie director by the director of “Midnight Runners,” and has already decided on his drama role.

He is set to comeback with the upcoming tvN drama “Secretary Kim,” he will play the role of the narcissist vice president of a huge company, his secretary Kim is one of a kind and perfect for him, one day she decides to quit.

He has been in the news a lot in 2018 so far for his appearance in the beloved tvN variety show “Youn’s Kitchen.”

Park Seo Joon wowed with his looks but his Spanish language skills on the show, making fangirls swoon over him even more. He is not only good looking and very easy going but also good with other languages.

Park Hyung Sik


Park Hyung Sik also had a very successful 2017.

Following the okay (national) reception of “Hwarang,” he went on to lead his first ever drama.

He played the role of the CEO Ahn Min Hyuk in “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon.” “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon” received so much love throughout its run time, making his first lead drama a huge success.

It even became (for a short period) the highest rated drama in JTBC history.

Following the huge success of “Strong Woman Do Bong Soon,” he took a rest and then got back to business in the short film “Two Rays Of Light,” he played a visually impaired young man who meets and falls in love with another visually impaired woman (played by Han Ji Min).

The movie was released in late December and received favorable response from national and international fans.

What does Park Hyung Sik have in store for 2018?

He will be leading the upcoming Korean remake of the popular US series titled ”Suits” which are all about lawyers. Fans are excited to see how well will he do in the drama.

“Suits” is expected to air in the first half of 2018 on JTBC, an air date is yet to be confirmed.

Go Ara


Go Ara who was the most envied woman in all kdrama land in late 2016-early 2017, went on to make som kdrama fans even more jealous when she picked the role of Ha Ram in OCN’s “Black.”

She plays the role of a character that can see the shadows of death; she teams up with a grim reaper played by Song Seung Heon. Together they team up to save lives and in the process break heaven’s rules.

What does she have in store for 2018?

She will be sharing the screen with INFINITE’s L in “Ms. Hammurabi,” the upcoming JTBC drama will air some time in May, it is a pre-produced drama.



Minho had a good start in 2017 but was met with some very devastating news by the end of it.

After the end of “Hwarang” he appeared in Naver TV Cast “Somehow 18” further proving his great acting skills. He also joined the stellar cast in the remake of “The Most Beautiful Goodbye” where he played the role of the son who finds out that his grandmother has cancer.

Minho then joined another movie with a star-studded cast including Kang Dong Won and Han Hyo Joo, the filming for the upcoming movie titled “Jin-Roh: The Wolf Brigade” began in the second half of 2017.

Its planning for a release date in 2018, further details are yet to be revealed.

In late 2017, Minho along with the rest of his group members were hit by the sudden devastating news of Jonghyun’s passing. Jonghyun took his own life in later December 2017.

Minho disappeared from the spotlight for a while before deciding to hold their Japanese concert tour in honor of Jonghyun in late February 2018.

In late February 2018, he also joined the rest of the cast in the popular movie “The Princess and the Matchmaker” for the premiere. The movie was filmed back in 2015, but only got a release date after its main lead Lee Seung Gi came back from the military.

Minho has no drama projects lined up for 2018 yet.

Do Ji Han


Do Ji Han went on to claim a lead role after “Hwarang,” he played the elite police office Cha Tae Jin in the hit KBS daily drama “Lovers in Bloom.”

“Lovers in Bloom” had 120 episodes and managed to come first in ratings throughout its entire run time. The drama also snagged awards by 2017 End Year awards.

In magazine interviews he often talked about his friendship with the cast of “hwarang,” and how they’ve became close and had fun despite the heat wave they suffered through filming of this drama.

Do Ji Hwan has no upcoming projects in 2018 so far.

Seo Ye Ji


Aside from being breathtakingly beautiful, actress Seo Ye Ji managed to prove she’s more than that in 2017.

Following “Hwarang” she took on the lead role in the cult-themed drama “Save Me,” opposite 2PM’s Taecyeon and Woo Do Hwan.

She played the role of Im Sang Mi, she wowed fans with her performance in one of the most dark OCN dramas ever made. Her character is involved in a religious cult group and doesn’t know how to escape that and save her family.

In 2017, she also appeared in the romantic comedy “The Bros,” she played a minor role, that of Sara.

Her first lead role in a movie was also released in 2017. She shared the screen with Kim Jae Wook, the movie was shot back in 2015, but was only released in 2017.

She is coming back to the small screen in the upcoming tvN drama “Lawless Lawyer,” the drama been attracting lots of attention for being Lee Joon Gi’s 2018 comeback drama.

“Lawless Lawyer” will air its first episode on May 12 following the conclusion of “Live.”

Jo Yoon Woo


Following the conclusion of “Hwarang,” Jo Yoon Woo took on the role of Koo Se Joon in the hit weekend SBS series “Unnie Is Alive,” the drama snagged many awards by the end of 2017.

Jo Yoon Woo is yet to choose his 2018 comeback projects, but fans of “Hwarang” are excited to see what kind of role he plans on taking next.



2017 and the word BTS go hand in hand.

2017 was the year BTS went global, the cute social butterfly Kim tae Hyung (V) was very very busy in 2017.

His group took home an award at Billboard 2017 Music Awards; they also performed in American Music Awards, among many other activities.

To talk about BTS’s accomplishments we’d need a 20-30 minute video, so we’ll sum up BTS’s V year as one of the best so far.

2018 is looking even better for the cutie, his group is currently preparing for comeback. They also took home two awards at iHeart Music Awards a couple of days ago.

Whether Kim tae Hyung will be back with a drama in 2018 or not remains a good question. He has talent and can do well in acting. However, considering the very hectic BTS schedule this year, its hard to predict whether he’d be able to starr in another drama.

Kim Hyun Joon


The last flower boy of the gang also had a good 2017.

Following “Hwarang,” he came back to the small screen in the hit KBS series “Black Knight.” He played the role of Choi Ji Hoon, Shin Se Kyung’s character ex-boyfriend.

Kim Hyun Joon is yet to pick a drama or a movie as his comeback project in 2018.

We miss the cast of “Hwarang” so much. Would you like to see them share the screen again in another drama?

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